Ban appeal cheeksgwood

CKEY: cheeksgaywood

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaecilluistaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Which server did the ban happen on? Low roleplay golden

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 8/18/2020

Round ID: 19975

Ban Reason: d
Killed the clown because it was war clown ops. Has more than enough hours to know better and has horrible notes

Appeal Reason: It was a legitimate mistake please unban : (

Additional Information: I am very sorry Mr Honk it was in the heat of the moment I hope you can forgive me

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If you cant kill a clown on a confirmed clown ops round then the world went mad. This does not warrant a perma. His notes might warrant it, but i dont care much about that.


It was war ops and over ten minutes before the ops could even move the shuttle. Multiple nearby people told you it was the actual clown.


The only thing i saw anyone say about the clown was “GET EM” from some random ass scientist but yeah I probably shouldnt have listened to them

How many hours did he have?

660 hours. I’m genuinely not sure how you can mix up a clown and a clown operative with that much playtime.

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200 hours - never seen clown ops happen. Wizard happened at max 4 times. Its amazing how much of the game you could be missing out on despite the playtime.

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Even if you haven’t seen clown ops. With than many hours you should that WAR ops take a long time to arrive. And that you shouldn’t just beat someone to death because someone said to.

I know that there is a time restriction, but i dont know how much exactly it takes. And again, the main argument is that this shouldnt warrant a perma. If the admins dont want this guy here, just ban him for notes, but not cus he killed a clown on an extremely rare round variation where clowns are confirmed antags except for that one clown that is a real clown clown and not a clown operative.

You haven’t seen clown ops because you play on MRP and it isn’t in the rotation there.

to be fair I have 300hs playtime and i’ve seen it once, it only really seems to happen once a month because LRP rarely has the pop to support it

I will reduce this to a note. Please be aware that you have a long note history and admins may end up doing something like this if you do keep accumulating them.

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