Ban Appeal Chebble

CKEY: negermann_2008 (changed now)

Admin CKEY: ro5490

Servers: Sage and Golden

Ban Type: Global Permaban

Ban Date: 2020-03-21 00:29

Round ID: 13676

Ban Reason: Metacom and Unvalid Murder

Appeal Reason: Yea, well since I started playing the game on Beestation I didn’t know nor care about the intensity of Rules and Roleplay. In the past 3 months tho, I’ve learned quite a lot and thinking back even wonder how I got away with some of the shit I’ve done. Look I’m not gonna make up any dumb excuses I was stupid alright, I regret it. I changed and even changed to a new profile because of my fucked up name, which obviously doesn’t take the ban away. After my last appeal was declined a few months ago, which was quite reasonable looking back at it, I thought I’d give it another try since thats what I was told to do anyways. I know the rules and their importance now. I hope you can appeal this ban and I can play on Beestation again.


If you’ve been playing other servers in that time, getting a vouch about your change would really help. Just a suggestion.

Can you get an Admin to vouch from a different server?

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Alright will do. How do you mean should I like send a screen from the discord or how am I supposed to prove that he is in fact an Admin?

What server would you be able to get a vouch from and discord should be fine.

Probably from Fulpstation. That was like my main Server the last couple of weeks.

get Ur vouch. Ur not the only one. I did some horrible shit first months playing idk how i got away with it. Anyways spend a week on another server and get a vouch. ppl will prolly understand

Setting auto-lock, player hasn’t logged into the forums for a few days now.

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