Ban appeal Bell Finkle

CKEY: alexseetoe

Admin’s CKEY: vendetta2sp00ky

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? golden

Ban Type: perma

Ban Length: like a billion years

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-05-19

Round ID: 4141

Ban Reason: advertised other stations and tested to see if my alt wasnt banned

Appeal Reason: been like a year, I was really new at the time and immature. I advertised a different station I dont quite remember the reasoning although I can now see why it is cringe and I shouldnt and wont do it if I am unbanned. I attempted to play on an alt which was understandably confused as ban evading, im in the military and i move location alot. I had changed my ckey because I wanted to avoid some pretty bad notes on other servers. the ban was like a year ago and I feel like im ready to rejoin the community.

Additional Information:

Don’t use OOC to complain about how other players/ departments are playing. That’s not it’s purpose. When told to stop by an admin, you need to stop. Round 8756

As non antag miner, broke into gateway as a miner. Asked what rule he was breaking, then after the rule was stated, attempted to argue that it was IC. Before admin could respond, the captain let them into the gateway. You didn’t get access before you broke in, you still broke in after you were told no and while admin was looking up the rules.

was arrested over tresspassing into high risk areas, ahelped about ‘unfair’ timing, tried to admin shop threaten staff reports. You just shot the BSA into the departures area on the last round (6807) as a non antag, blatant grief and it was ignored since the server crashed right after it. If you want, go ahead and make a staff report about this issue if you think this is unfair.

Normally I’d be all for an unban after this much time has passed, but frankly I think I’ve got to take a stance against it here. This is three of your recent bans from another server.

@GameAdmin have any thoughts?

What kind of dumb ban is this? This really shouldn’t be used against him as it’s accepted on LRP.

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I… what? He went to a server and broke that server’s rules while arguing it was IC.

Just because it isn’t against the rules on our LRP server here doesn’t mean it doesn’t show what kind of player he will be?

If that behavior is acceptable on LRP, why ban him for it on LRP?

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Due to the recent bans in other servers and it’s been a year since you’ve done this, I’d only support you coming back if you are warned that your on thin ice for a couple of months. I don’t like the nature of the bans from the other servers.

I also really don’t like this because who knows what kind of notes you were trying to avoid, but I believe in second chances.

That ban was on another server bro

I say he should get the unban with thin ice

Hey there Ruko I think “recent” is relative especially in the 3 day which was enacted for breaking into the gateway which had happened months ago, I thought I should also clear up some stuff with those bans that had happened. with the gateway the rules to that server had recently changed and I was just becoming accustomed to them once again and normally in those days Id like to break into the gateway to go on my little own adventures. I had argued it was IC because it was what I was used to; it was my fault and I did deserve the ban for not reviewing the rules. as for the other bans,
" > Don’t use OOC to complain about how other players/ departments are playing. That’s not it’s purpose. When told to stop by an admin, you need to stop. Round 8756" this was originally permanent but I was able to appeal it because all I had said was “security is shit” in OOC and an admin took offense to that and I didnt believe I was in the wrong so I had argued with them but in the end the ban was appealed after a day and there was no harm. as for me firing the BSA and staffshopping… that did happen as it is told although i dont remember it all too clearly I had fired the BSA after the escape shuttle had already left. I shouldnt have done it but it was exciting for me and the server is supposed to be beginner friendly so i didnt think I would have gotten into as much trouble as I did. The BSA 3 day ban happened about 6 months ago and ive never done anything similiar to that since and I dont tend to rebreak rules as I try to learn from my mistakes as all of these happened on a beginner server which I had used to get the hang of the game.

Hey there, as this is my old main you can see all the notes ive ever really received so you can see them all. and some of them look pretty bad as ruko has quoted which is why I tried to change my Ckey it was not so much because I wanted people to forget who I was but it was just so I’d be given an unbiased second chance as ive learned so much since i started playing this game

This hurts to read. I do think it should be unban with THinnest Of Ice. One mishap and it’s begone THOT

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I agree with this here.

I don’t know. I was onboard with the idea of appealing but hearing that he continues causing issues on other servers doesn’t inspire much hope. Either way I entirely agree with ruko, and aeder.

With no more input on the matter I’ll go ahead and deny this for now. If you can return with a vouch from another server in the future, your appeal will be considered then.