Ban Appeal - Acidmind

CKEY: AcidMind

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage MRP

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage MRP

Ban Type: Game ban, sec-roles ban

Ban Length: Temporary, 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 07-29-2020

Round ID: 19184

Ban Reason: “Beat a borg to death for trying to remove them from the upload. Claimed as normal seccie they are allowed.”

Appeal Reason: They straight up lied in the ban reason, didnt listen to my side, and when I told them I was doing it based on another admin’s ruling they ignored and didnt address what I said.

Additional Information: Yeah here’s the proof, I also did a complaint on the admin for this obvious fuckup.

I entered the AI upload to reset its rules since the AI now had rules about freeing specific individuals out ( as it stated in general tcomms) and draining the power out of the brig in a confirmed revs round because they had a law saying “Electricity is harmful to sec”. When I entered, the AI knew my intentions and took the turrets offline and opened the windoors so I could change its laws as I ordered it to. A borg named “BJORG” tried to get me out of there before AND after I used the “Reset” law board to change the AI’s lawset by turning on the turrets and dragging me out. When I got tired of a percieved shitter from my part, who ignored their lawset and kept self-antagging, I flashed them, batoned them and left them in a far away area of brig for the whole round. Then the admin pinged me about them being allowed to get me out of there using non lethals since I “”“could”"" harm the crew. When I told them another admin told me a few rounds ago that silicons should stick to their AI’s interpretation of the lawset and not go by al “coulds”, they simply ignored me, they didnt address me at all about what I just told them. They called me confrontational and lied in their ban reason since I never while talking with this admin said that my actions were justified just because I was a sec role.

Here’s photo proof.

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This is denied due to longer length ban as a result of a player report for similar behaviour.
This also adds to an increasing history of poor security play, validhunting and murdering players for little to no reason.

…that doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t have the right to have the record state that this ban was unjustified.

@admins please look this over


That is why the thread is still open.

And from the information in the admin report posted Aeder 1 Admin Report
is what helped come to the decision. There’s no dispute over what happened.

The traitor was executed for a capital crime and the doctor tried to rescue and revive the body despite being warned twice, they committed aiding and abetting and so they recieved the same punishment as the prisoner, which was execution. Seems biased against me, in that player complaint you treat me as a shitter while not treating the doctor as the helper to a player who murdered and kiddnapped someone, and just as “a person”.

If I can put in my two cents, besides personally experiencing shitseccery from Ivan in past games, this round he repeatedly called my black character “bigger”, said he hates “biggers” and that I should leave. ¯\(:/)

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that Ivan all the time glides on the edge of the rules (such as using euphemism for racist slurs) just enough not to bother ahelping him, but whenever I’m meeting him on the station, I get shitty aftertaste. And I know I’m not alone, who can smell that aura of shitseccery.

I have to call into question the player report used in the first post.

I tacked this onto the end of that player report, and this is my stance regarding the second situation

The Cyborg situation is a lot messier:

  • Cyborgs are supposed to obey their AI’s law interpretation, not their own.
  • Cyborg was not obeying the AI’s law interpretation, which means was not following laws

Cyborg should not have been removed from the round, but these points are true.

A role ban for

for a disagreement you murdered them.
After other admin opinion thread closed.