Bamhalazam - Thirtieth Rodeo (Discord Ban appeal)

Discord ID: Bamhalazam #1477

Admin Discord ID: No idea.

Ban Type: Discord server ban? Perma? No idea what I should put here. Just banned.

Ban Length: Permanent.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): October 18 2021

Ban Reason: Filter bypass to slur.

Appeal Reason:
So, it is that time of the year. I feel as if I have changed enough as a person to return to bee once more. I do admit, I got myself banned intentionally. Rationality is not my forte per se, but I have regained more of my vitae, that is life to return as a person that does not spread negativity. In honesty, I am looking for a place to escape from the grim darkness of the far fu- I mean the outside world. A place to converse about stupid spacemen games. I have been following the overall course of bee rules and updates and now that I am getting back in the fray, I would love to catch up on EVERYTHING before getting unbanned as it is merely reasonable.

I hope that sheds light on why I want to get unbanned on beecord.

Additional Information: Apologies are useless this far into the future from the past event that led to my ban, but promises are not.
If it gives you hope (it certainly does to me), I promise to not be the “hyperborean aryan spirit” dumbass. I promise to be a good lad.


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okay uh so
im sorry it took me so long to review this

it hasnt been as long as it has for the other guy whos discord ban i lifted the other day
so uh what i’ll do is
->unban you
->NOT lift any of your mutes/warnings - left to appeal those seperately

Can you get back to me with your actual discord id? That is, the big fuckoff numbers string?
the bot dosnt seem to want to take “Bamhalazam #1477” or “Bamhalazam#1477”
but the actual id id should work

heres some random article on how to get that, incase you dont know. How to Find Your Discord ID, and What It's Used for