Balzaca banned by whycaeciliustaken

Title: Balzaca banned by whycaeciliustaken

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
It says only for sage but im also banned from golden
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
Perma ban
Ban Length:
**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Does not understand escalation. Killed a janitor for throwing a plank of wood at him after he shocked the janitor. Also poisoned the HoP, among others for no reason “to test my syringe gun”. Lied in ahelps also.
Appeal Reason:
This ban was applied when i was a newbie to the game and powergamed because of me being so new to everything and i powergamed with EMPd defibs alot leading to the janitors death.I also did not do this as offensive but rather self defensive after he tried to wallstun me (also i think the planks did damage but im not sure).I shot hop with a syringe gun with 15 units of toxin and because he had armor so he didnt get penetrated and therefore not poisoned.Last of all i didnt lie in ahelps and tried to tell everything as it was but maybe seeing the events from admin perspective makes you look like a liar since you dont know much about events.I now know about most likely everything in ss13 and wont do this again.
Additional Information:
My backspace key is kinda buggy so i might have deleted some stuff that i shouldnt have deleted sorry for that.

I’ll leave to to cea to oull the trigger, but if im reading things right this ban is not yet eligble for appeal as
a year has not yet passed.

Isnt that when the player is actually wrong?The only wrong thing here is me defibbing the jani to death which i kinda had reasons to do.Other than that the lied in ahelps and poisoned hop is wrong also the ban saying “this is a single server ban” but also banning me from golden too seems like a mistake from the admin side.

Yes, but whether you were in the wrong or not doesn’t really seem to be in question.

You initiated the fight in a harmful way, the janitor attempted non-harmful self-defense. You then killed janitor. This is bad, and you had a heavy history of overescalation already.

You shot the HoP with poison as a non-antag for no reason. Whether the attack was successful or not is irrelevant, it’s still baiting conflict.

I can’t attest to your lying in ahelps or not, but it’s frankly irrelevant at this point. You’ve already admitted to powergaming, egtegious over-escalation and self-antag.

Just to drive it home though:

I see no reason to think you’ve changed or will bring anything positive to this server whatsoever either.

Stop ruining the game for others and you’ll stop getting banned.

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I agree with Ruko. Please go play elsewhere.