Balter Bite Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Demi-Wahoo

Your Discord: Demi-Wahoo#6398

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Balter Bite

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-10-2022

Round Number:35315

Rules Broken: Be Excellent to Each Other.

Incident Description: I was a chaplain and i was farming chickens, not killing them, just simply raising them and displaying them in chaple, while serving people eggnog. Balter Bite came to chaple and started killing my chickens and as soon as i came close to him, he ran away. It repeated several times and i lost my cool and i critted them. Borg saved them from me bringing them to brig. After that i denied them access to chaple. Even after that he STILL continued doing that, killing my chickens and tossing all of the eggs chickens made and all of it just to taunt me.

Additional Information: I probably broke a rule there by critting him, but still, it was just getting annoying and just flat out rude.


About the borg flash. Borg asked me to put him down, so he can be healed. I did not agree with that and i said that i will bring him to brig. I hoped that borg would go with me and heal the bastard in brig, but it flashed me instead and took him away while he yelled to take him away from me, so he won’t face the consequences. That happened when i was near brig, courtroom. I was really angry and my speech manners were quite foul due to the mood that guy put me in.

Obviously he was griefing, name is few letter changed Walter White, even that fact tells a lot.


He was a Walter White in a Furry Fox suit in that case.

So it wasn’t just me who sees it?

Unless he’s an antag, this is a pretty serious case of being a massive dick, even if Wahoo critted him.

Also important question: What was his job(IE: Bartender, Brig Phys, etc.)?

Even if he was antag, he breaks “Be excellent to eachother” and roleplay rules. He had absolutely no reason to kill random chickens and no benefit from it.

He wasn’t antag, he was just a random debtor, that was just being an arse.


Is it going to be investigated or nah?


Its already the norms at this point to wait up to a month right? Unless you managed to poke the admemes enough to make them specifically check this report.

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I just did a chicken related player report today



Reports and appeals are assigned on a weekly basis by headmins.
Thats how it is, administrative staff are volunteers and will get to it when they can.

As long as this doesn’t happen, there’s nothing non-staff can do.

besides applying, that is

Just wait it out.


I apologise for me being impatient. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just saw some other reports get handled the day they got posted and i just simply wondered why mine didn’t.


I will be looking into this report later today.

Edit: Just a little update. I have finished compiling the information on this incident. I will be going over it and getting some input from staff before moving forward. Thanks for the patience!


Burza is almost done, I promise :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a condensed breakdown of the incidents. From what I can see, there were three different conflicts that took place.

Conflict 1:

Balter Bite (Debtor) enters the chapel and picks up an egg and throws it at Maurice Apate (Chaplin).
Balter starts to attack and kill chickens.
Maurice shoves and then attacks Balter. Balter chooses to keep killing chickens instead.
Balter is put into critical condition. Balter is dragged out of the chapel.
A borg treats Balter. Balter is taken to medbay.
Maurice informs the station over public radio about the incident.

Conflict 1 Highlights

Conflict 2:

Balter returns to the chapel. They are confronted about returning.
Maurice demands that Balter leave the chapel.
Balter begins to throw more eggs at Maurice.

Conflict 2 Highlights

Conflict 3:

Balter returns to the area of the chapel again.
Balter throws more eggs at Maurice.
Balter kills two more chickens.
Maurice uses the radio again to request security.

Conflict 3 Highlights

After reviewing the logs and receiving input from the staff team, I had determined that the above incidents are a violation of rules 1.3, 3.5, 7.5, and 8. As far as I can tell, there was no IC reason that justified this behavior. It comes off as harassment and is very LRP. Rule 3.5 specifically references gimmick roles, such as the debtor.

Rule 3:
Gimmick roles exist to enable roleplaying opportunities and are expected to act out their assigned roles in good faith. Examples for various Gimmick roles follow:

Debtors are “homeless” conspiracy theorists that think NT is out to get them. Do not remove your hat. This role does not have a pass to grief or otherwise violate any rules.

Report Accepted.

Recent player history and bans have been taken into consideration.
Player was already noted for character name, prior to the acceptance of this report.