Ballsrog banned by piterskiy

**Admin’s CKEY:**piterskiy

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Ban Type:**Permanent

**Ban Length:**Permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**10/01/2019

**Round ID:**7525

**Ban Reason:**blew up hos office at nukie round, disconnected immediately after that. appeal on the forums if you want to continue playing here

**Appeal Reason:**I was still quite new to SS13 and wanted to explore the station a little. Door to sec was hacked from maint so I went in and wanted to enter HoS office.
I actually thought I could blow a hole into HoS office window by exploding welder fuel tank next to it. OOPS. I panicked and disconnected.

Anyway I shouldn’t have even tried such a dumb thing nor be exploring griefingly.
This happened five months ago and I’ve since learned a lot and respect rules.

Additional Information:
Was new and dumb as a brick.
Now just dumb but respectful to rules (and others like always)

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While wating for the outcome of this appeal I’ve been having fun in maints I tell you.
I build like coaches, comfy chairs, machines etc. and added beautifull floor tiles n’ all.
It’s all actually really fun

how long has he been playing for?