Baldir odenson mentor application

Your CKEY: Baldir_odenson

Your Discord: Baldir

How long have you been playing ss13?: about 4 months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: don’t know if anyone would

Game Experience (More Detailed): well I am pretty experienced in most things but I’ll go into specifics.

Cargo: the place where I started and probably have played the most. Know my way around the place and how to use the machines. Have extensive experience in how to get bounties done and who and how to ask for budget cards.

Science: I’m no God at sci but I know my way around xenobio and why delaying starting xenobio for 10 minutes to have collection of the miasma produced is a great idea. Have no clue or interest in toxins as I dislike bombs but could probably get into it pretty quickly. Robotics I could say I am intermediate at.

Botnis: I would personally say I am atleast highly proficient at botnis and I know how to get most plants. Not much experience in drug making as i don’t think that’s something botnis should focus on. I do however know quite a lot about how to get meds in my plants and how to efficiently produce super healers.

Engineering: I am no sm god but I know my way around the more basic setups. I have a little experience with experimenting with the gas contents. I am however quite good at taking the exhaust gasses and utilizing them in either the turbine or puting them in the atmos system. I am pretty good at building the teg and what gasses to use. I know how to fix a hull breach and have some experience in uncloging the atmos system.

I have limited experience in the medical jobs but I am currently trying to fix this by playing medical as much as possible but this is hard due to the low population on mrp where I almost exclusively play.

Sec: I have no experience in sec as I never feel the population justifies sec presence and I don’t like validhunting in general.

Command: I think I have some good experience with playing command roles.

I know I can get better like almost everyone else but I feel like become a mentor is something I am ready for and I have already started teaching new people on mrp how to do things such as setting up the sm and i feel like I could be more helpful if I was a mentor.

+2, since you do have knowledge with most of the stuff.

Though xenobio is always good to know.

-1, they havent incentivized any voting and they are not in the discord

This man is now admin.