Bahruuk McDonnell/RUUK-84H Feedback

Hey there. I play on Sage and I usually play Medical Doctor or Chemist but you’ll also see me as a Janitor occasionally.
I also play a lot of Cyborg and I’m typically Mediborg and occasionally Engiborg.

I tend to sort of keep to myself but if you need healing, I’ve usually got what you need. I also often make Synthflesh chemical plumbing so that the cloner isn’t useless after the first husk comes in.

Lemme know what you think! See you on Sage!

Also, if you want experimental surgeries, just ask. No one ever does. :frowning:

Huzzah! A man of quality! +++++++++++1

Surgery has become more of chore than a job for me, so seeing someone with an altruistic and genuinely willing approach is refreshing when you basically have to hold some roboticists at gunpoint to not do mechs and instead put your arms back on.

Never seen you IC though.

Bumping my thread since it’s been a while:

I learned Virology but I haven’t gotten to play it much.
I also started playing Shaft Miner but I tend to just mine because I’m not robust enough to actually fight the megafauna.
If you see me playing Miner, expect a pizza party on the escape shuttle.

Sometimes see on Sage IC but not often. Always pops up in OOC so figured you werent playing a static. Generally nice in OOC though, conversations IC are pretty short and to the point

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