Baden Curry Player Report

Offender’s CKEY: ???

LRP or MRP server: Sage

Offender’s In-Game Name: Baden Curry

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 14.3.2021

Round Number: 27884

Rules Broken: R1, R2, R7, M3

Incident Description: Gave multiple bogus and overinflated punishments and arrested for no reason. To me, Quartermaster, first he gave me 500 gulag points for ‘breaking into vault’ (yea) and having a disabler. Later in the round he gave me another 500 gulag points for walking into maints.

It is against space law to carry weapons without a weapon permit, on sage its understandable that he gave you 500 points gulag.

The other one could use some more context however, was that all there was to it? just you walking into maints?

I was walking into maint and he was me through a hole I pointed out to him when he first sent me to gulag.

And 500 gulag points (10 minutes) for having a disabler (there was an ongoing pirate raid and I was quartermaster)?

ahh its understandable then

The 500 points for being armed is a little harsh.
I can see them doing a lot of gulag throughout the round with varying points.

There were reasons behind the arrests however quite a few of them were definitely overinflated. It appears to be a new player that got waay into being sec and gulagging. Will leave a note to watch for similar behaviour and get them to tone it down.


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