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account suspended for saying “erp bad” for ERP mans appeal thread poggers server


bruh moment
20 char char

No peanut gallerying

unless your aeder in which case you can peanut in your own report and lock it for getting derailed


Admins have the authority to ‘ignore’ rules when they feel it’s in the best interest of the server/playerbase. They will, however, be fully accountable for their actions.

best interest of the playerbase? how the fuck is aeder derailing his own report to quickly lock it in the best interest of the playerbase yorii?


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so no admin comment on what aeder did or how

he was supposed to be? Just fucking nothing
all we need for the forum experience is for crossed to come in and close the thread

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I literally have no idea what you’re even talking about, you’re just spamming a bunch of incoherent nonsense to my ears.

Thanks for finally providing this detailed explanation, I totally get it now.

while i would call into question why you decided to be an admin with the comprehension that you have. i guess ill explain it

aeder did a bad. peanut gallerying in his own admin report thread and then closing the thread for it getting derailed, in which he played an active role in doing. now while rule 0 states that:

“Admins have the authority to ‘ignore’ rules when they feel it’s in the best interest of the server/playerbase. They will, however, be fully accountable for their actions.”

the “in the best interest of the server/playerbase.” hasnt been adressed. Aeder seemingly just derailed the thread so he could close it and and not have to deal with it. which if admin conduct was broken isnt in “in the best interest of the server/playerbase.”

either you are willing to ignore the wrong doings of other admins, and ban players for doing for wrong doings. Or you are seriously suggesting that that rule means admins can just do whatever the fuck they want whenever they want.

ya get it now?


Aeder’s thread is not yet resolved, the thread is simply locked to prevent it from spiraling into a chaotic shitshow of a peanut gallery.

Heads are not yet in agreement on what to do and it keeps getting shoved to the side and delayed while we handle larger issues than “Admin picked a fight with someone he doesn’t like”.

We’re about as far apart from each other as we can be, so discussions requiring all three of us take quite a while, especially if there isn’t immediate agreement.

if you guys dont really care about it thats fine. but how can you expect non staff to follow rules when admins/staff repeatedly break rules and get away with it.

and like with kev its not them getting away with it thats the problem. its the gay ass rule that noone not even staff wants to follow thats the problem. its just why do i have to get my shit deleted or suspended every 5 seconds while staff can go nutty

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Yes thank you for finally using words instead of memes to convey information.

are you ever gonna address whats said or just beat around the bush forever?

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Why are you asking me? I’m not involved in this. Ruko already answered you.

jesus chirst…
fine dude just get the fuck outta here
dont forget your hat

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Big difference between “We don’t care” and “We disagree on what to do and this specific issue is of lower priority than others right now”

whats the disagreement
what is there to even disagree on?

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