B.l.o.c.k ama

Yeah yeah I know I got this from @TheMaggotGuy 's AMA but I’ve not been able to expand on B.L.O.C.K or the BLOCK Corporation as a whole for some time now due to bad timing on my part. Well time to get into character!
Greetings, valued NT Employees. I am the B.L.O.C.K Memory Unit. Core of the lead mascot of the BLOCK Corporation. Creator [REDACTED] has asked me to set up this “AMA” as to better inform NT as to what the BLOCK Corporation is and who the people behind it are. [Warning: Any data leaks caused by the memory core are possible. Proceed with caution, and be careful what you ask for.]


Greetings B.L.O.C.K, I am asking on behalf of my company memory unit, the great F.A.R.M. simulator processing unit.

  • What is your/the BLOCK company’s associations with the syndicate and/or syndicate allies?
  • When was the B.L.O.C.K unit produced?
  • What technology does the B.L.O.C.K unit utilize?
  • Was the CEO of BLOCK .co a man or a muffin?

We at BUT Scratchie .co appreciate your time and presence in the commercial world!


Questions detected. Answering now.

  • The only possible association that our pAI personalities and the corporation as a whole had with a form of syndicate was a result of syndicate agents downloading our B.L.O.C.K pAI personality, as such with every other pAI personality. We are, however, working on a Syndicate-friendly pAI to satisfy all of our customers needs. Hitting the personality shelves in [EXPUNGED]!
  • The B.L.O.C.K unit was created during ########### {Make him hate mimes.} [Why?] {Because it’s funny.}
  • We at the BLOCK Corporation utilize only the best our lead scientists could produce. It’s how we can ship out new features such as: Holovenom [Data redacted]
  • The CEO, or creator, of the BLOCK Corporation is [REDACTED]

Who are you?


A clown picks you up, tells you “We’re going to go deep fry light and throw it at people,” and actually fucking manages to do it. How do you respond? (Note that this is actually a possibility on the current codebase.)

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Input: the question shown above
Response: “Fuck yeah. Be sure to throw it at the MIME as well.”

very small bump, I’ll probably not bump again if it lasts until the 7-day mark.

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Hello Block!

So, let’s start with the barrage!

  1. How much clearance does one need to have to be possible to know the role Julian Hardy plays in the Block Corporation?

  2. Is Block the first and only PAI ever made by the Block corporation? Just being continuously updated and fixed in real-time?

  3. Why Block ERTs are so slow? Even with the requester suit sensors maxed and a gps on him?

  4. Is the Block corporation planning to become a third center of power, standing in the middle of NT and the Syndicate corporations?

  5. If it does plan so, how is the Block corporation faring in doing it, so far?

  6. Will we ever see Block as the pai of Julian Hardy, one day?

And that’s all for now, Block!

Now feel free to be Julian Block!

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Was reading this one all day during my shift! Now I can finally answer!
death noises
More questions at once detected. Answering now.

  • The clearance required to know the presence of CentCom Officials that have snooped into the BLOCK Corporation is Level 20 or higher.
  • B.L.O.C.K is the first pAI ever made by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. It is updated continuously in real-time by our scientists and [REDACTED] himself. We also have other pAIs. Such as: [ERROR: pAI Personality line connection failed.]
  • BLOCK Corporation ERTs aren’t equipped with as high-tech engines as NT ERTs are. Depending on where a space station is, and if CentCom’s damned radio bouncing doesn’t interfere a lot, response is either instantaneous, horrid, or CentCom catches it and sends their ERT instead.
  • The BLOCK Corporation has no known plans to be a third center of power. Any forms of insider plans are locked behind level 48 and higher access.
  • A supposed way for the BLOCK Corporation to do such a thing, will require more scientists from the intergalactic survey site at [Website Share Blocked]
  • Considering that NT likes to enable B.L.O.C.K’s download node after a Julian clone dies, and they disable it once he comes back to life, highly unlikely.
    Now for the OOC comments
    I am not an admin so I can’t have BLOCK Co. make any appearances, nor can I integrate them into the lore unless for whatever reason Crossed decides to allow it (very unlikely). But if I get a chance, and learn how to, I might make a separate server that adds BLOCK Co. to the list of large bois.
    Can’t multikey so I can’t have our lore-spilling mime-hating friend in the hands of our sometimes-pissed off Command/Sec main.

This isn’t true, I offered you a chance to “do it up big time with pranks” as an extremely inventive clown, and you said “please download a new pai” and wiped yourself :confused:

had to go so I wiped myself.

I was just funnin with ya. B.l.o.c.k. is a great PAI personality module, would download again

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Last minute save before I leave it for dead and move on to the next AMA.

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