Azrael Jobbanned by Vexylius

CKEY: AzraelKnightquest

Admin’s CKEY: Vexylius

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Jobban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): (I cannot find it)

Round ID: (I cannot find it)

Ban Reason: (I cannot find it)

Appeal Reason: Vexylius stated past notes in the negative concerning security.

Additional Information: First, I know some information is missing but it’s not showing up when I try to click it on Game Preferences. Also, for some reason, my BYOND client isn’t working the best in the world (Craft windows and GPS window and so forth sometimes show up blank and can’t be moved, so I have to restart the game, etc). That’s why for the “I cannot find it” portions.

I spoke to Vexylius and waited for over a month after he lifted the permaban as he requested before putting in my jobban appeal. It’s been quite some time and I have not been reported or banned since. I believe this good behavior counts towards this. My Guide to Security was positively recieved, even by Vexylius and if granted this jobban appeal, I will do my best to act in accordance to it.

I am not requesting a jobban lift from any head position. I miss being Warden and more than a few have stated on the server they would like me to return to being a Warden. I am perfectly fine with the jobban remaining permanent on all head positions, including HoS.

I respectfully request to have the Permanent jobban on the Warden position to be released.

Azrael, you don’t even do ANY job for any reason. The amount of times I’ve had to tell you to get back to work before you piss about for the entire shift is fucking stupid. Why do you sign onto important roles only to fuck off into space?

I’m surprised you aren’t banned from all roles so you’d finally know what the fuck the assistant job is. Want to explore space at shift start? Don’t sign on as a fucking miner and get pissy when the HoP sends you away with no EVA access.

The last thing Azrael needs is another role for them to abandon.

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In line with with Velvet’s protest, do you understand the Warden shouldn’t leave the station, and that your role is to guard the armory, brig and gulag? Not patrolling the halls as an active member of security unless it’s necessary due to a shortage of officers.

We don’t really punish wardens for wandering the station, but it is generally frowned upon if it looks like someone is taking Warden just to flex on people with Krav instead of, you know, being the prison warden.

Overall I approve of the request, you have no notes for the past month and the improvement is really nice to see and worth rewarding. I just want to make sure you understand the above.

With respect, Ruko, I don’t think you read my Guide to Security. It’s on the forum. I’m infamous for being the Warden that STAYS in the brig.

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What does this have to do with security or my perma jobban? There ain’t no notes, no reports, just you whining about an IC issue. That’s pretty sloppy, Velvet. Either that or you’re still upset I broke up with you. I’m sorry, look you’ll find someone else eventually (well, not here anyways) but…like, MOVE ON with your life. There is love after me.

wardens actually leave the brig? That sounds dumb.

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I know, I say that multiple times but people keep doing that. My Guide to Security specifically states multiple times to STAY IN THE BRIG.

Sometimes, sitting on your ass can be the better thing. Anyway I looked at the ban page and found the date and round:
Date: 2020-01-22, 02:47
Round: 11728
Happened on sage, but I dunno if it means global Head+Sec ban or just Sage
Also, the ban reason was the same as before, just that the serverban got neutered to a jobban

You haven’t done any major bad thing since you’ve been banned, maybe you are a better person now.
Accepted, but don’t do anything stupid.

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