Axel Hawker and Tyranidus Richardson player report

CKEY: crow4

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Jera8deshields (Tyranidus Richardson) and LocalKraken (Axel Hawker)

Offender’s In-Game Name: Axel Hawker and Tyranidus Richardson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02/09/2022

Round Number: 35996

Rules Broken: Spess Law, Don’t be a dick

Incident Description: Spawned in as Head Rev, green alert everything is chill i’m running around flashing people. QM apparently says I flashed them so Axel comes to arrest me and search, all good so far no complaints, but then Axel the secoff ran in holding my hand asking for a mindshield on green alert, which isn’t cool

" Invasive implants and searches

With specific regard to Hostile Agents, as per code 205, Nanotrasen Security division has been asked to provide a list of permissible actions which may not otherwise be taken for crimes of similar severity.

  • Tracking implants may be used without any additional conditions.
  • Chemical implants with non-lethal contents may be used if the agent has also been convicted of a violent crime.
  • Implant checks may only be performed If there is definitive evidence that they have an implant. This includes members of security witnessing implant use, finding implanters, or implant boxes with fingerprints or other related fibers.
  • Pacification surgery may be performed in the event the agent has also been convicted of a violent crime."

With specific regard to Hostile Agents implants shouldn’t be invasive. Metaknowledge too that flash means revolutionary instead of just harmless asshole. So he starts chanting about gulag, strips me nude and puts on my ID, and sends me to lavaland clucking the entire ride down, drops me off, so I look at my prisoner ID, I wasn’t charged with any crime so my points needed was 0, I had completed the sentence the secoff had decided I needed, which isn’t his job, nor should he know a flash = revolutionaries, i mean sec carries the exact same flash, are they bad? Nope.

So i call the ship down and ride it back and walk to my hard earned freedom, and Axel starts disablering me constantly while i’m like “hey chill” and stuff. He runs me back into captain who hasn’t left brig (Tyranidus), he starts saying “execute” over and over (Axel does) On blue alert, with no charge. The captain drags me to the interrogation room and lethal injects me, he then asks “Was this guy a rev?”. He didn’t hear anything and just executed a free man.

ain’t that a wacky round?

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There was no evidence of that, just a flash. Is “having a flash” insurrection

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I was only present for part of this as a ghost. Security was acting on arrest orders for botanists due to one botanist trying to break someone out of the brig with combustible lemons, and another throwing them elsewhere.

The AI was aware of the botanist’s lemon attacks as well.

When two security officers (Axel and someone else) came into the botany maints from the north, you were the first botanist they saw. Your coworker out of securities line of sight in south maints, managed to set a lemon off and nearly kill himself and a lizard botanist while trying to defend you. He and yourself were arrested, the lizard skittered away into south maints unseen due to the blast.

Your responses to being arrested were mostly akin to “Its green” while being arrested and taken away.

Thats all I have to add. I only witnessed that part because of the arrest sequence due to dchat and I myself commenting on the lemons. With no tickets, I was soon gone after finishing downloading logs for a different player report.

I heard the QM got flashed by you over comms, though he had advanced sunglasses and thus it didn’t have any effect. I responded by arresting you, and bringing you to security. I previously witnessed the chaplain attacked a security officer for seemingly no reason earlier, and your fellow botanist was throwing explosive lemons at me and my fellow security officer. I searched your apron and found a flash on you, after which I brought you to security with the other officer who apprehended the attacking botanist. There, we attempted to implant you with a mindshield. Nevermind the fact it was green alert - you were flashing people and there were hostile crew anyhow. Upon your implant resistance, the captain upped it to blue alert, and you were charged with insurrection (a capital crime).

I sent you to gulag initially, though due to the slip-up like you mentioned, you managed to come back up. I apprehended you quickly on sight. I didn’t actually know how to dish out a permanent gulag sentence so I brought you over to the captain and asked if an execution was in order (which the captain was going to do before I stopped him to send you to the gulag). After he authorized, you were executed.

You can’t expect to keep a low-profile and expect sec to just not care being a regular crewmember flashing people all willy-nilly, and I’m fairly certain it is known that flashes are a tool often employed by syndicate brainwashing specialists. The gulag point mishap was completely unintentional on my part and it was expected you’d be down there permanently.

I was the brig phys that round and I’m about 90% certain it was me that said this. I only just walked into the room and didn’t have the full context.
That round had a lot of shitsec around (especially the warden who perma two people over minor offences) but I will say that Axel Hawker was being apologetic about having to execute you and was far from the worst offender to warrent a report but that’s just my opinion.

Security is expected to have extensive knowledge of antagonists and their methods, you really have to push hard to metagame as Security.

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Yeah but you cant for example just take a pen out of pda and stab someone with it just to see if its a sleepy pen.

Owning a random flasher as a botanist doesn’t help “its green” either, if station is overtaken by lings and they have people’s head on pikes you can’t say “why are you gearing up security? Its green!”

Yes I can that’s the entire point of the warning system

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Extremely rude, how is it not? My character knows it’s green alert, everything is chill. Here comes armed sec guys weapons out no questions just arrest. That’s not RP. Maybe you should learn the meaning of RP, sec has to RP too.

I didn’t know about the lemon bombs guy that’s pretty funny, I certainly didn’t like… instruct him to do that as a head rev or anything but better idea than mine I guess.

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the sec flash and the rev flash are the same flash. I’m legit asking if having a flash means auto-execute

You were a high priority target, and were arrested by the other security officer on the spot to minimize chances of escape.

You’re acting like I didn’t interact with you and ask questions after arrest.

You weren’t executed for having a flash, you goober, you were executed for resisting an implant (confirming your status as a leader of an insurrection) after having a flash found on you, and subsequently escaping the gulag.


I didn’t escape. I finished the sentence the secoff imposed unto me, I told you I refused the implant also and you did it anyway. I already outlined why I think that was lame. Also lot of salty name calling. I had fun during the round I’m not like mad or accusatory just chill boys.

I mentioned several times in the report that the gulag being temporary was not intentional. In addition, I made it clear several times in the round you committed a perma-worthy crime and it was my intention to gulag you permanently in lieu of an execution.

Not sure why this was quoted, a mindshield implant is different item than a chemical implant with non-lethal chemicals inserted (e.g. Beepsky Smash).

There’s actually no specific mention of mindshield implants as a rule, but since it’s just as invasive as a tracking implant I’d treat it like that, which is “may be used without any additional conditions”.

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the logs will show you pretty much just chanted gulag over and over and didn’t speak to the captain at all about execution, the cap tried to implant me on green against my will, it didn’t take (obvi) and you rushed me all around brig looking for prisoner stuff.

then this weird chaplain showed up asking me if i knew the way or something i didn’t realize what he wanted, he wasn’t a rev or anything but he like… shoved his way in and i don’t know what he wanted
(unrelated but it was very funny, mostly because it was confusing)

** With specific regard to Hostile Agents implants shouldn’t be invasive.**

implants shouldn’t be invasive, " tending to intrude on a person’s thoughts or privacy."

So what I took from that was "specifically when it comes to hostile agents you shouldn’t implant them against their will, especially on all clear green alert. It shouldn’t even have been attempted according to what i’m seein there.

I IC said it was against my will and invasive, plus i wasn’t convicted of anything, a secoff found a flash and eventually gulaged me.

I did speak to the captain about execution, and he approved after I explained you were the headrev who escaped Lavaland. Also you keep mentioning green alert as if it should somehow absolve you of all suspicion. Sec doesn’t have to sit around dick-in-hand waiting for blue alert to respond to any emergencies, it just means they can’t have armory equipment or conduct random searches.

Nowhere does it say this on the space law page or the security SOP page. This doesn’t mean anything. In addition, you were not a hostile agent, you were a suspected insurrectionist leader, a far more serious charge.

Literally where does it say this. There is no policy regarding mindshields, like Victor mentioned. I treat them like tracking implants. Additionally, alert doesn’t matter when giving out implants.

Why do you keep trying to push this narrative that everything happened solely because you had a flash? You were found with a flash (which admins confirmed sec knows its used by revs), which resulted in an attempted mindshielding, which failed and THEN resulted in your gulagging. You were convicted of insurrection, a capital crime.

By you? You were a sec officer how do you convict someone based on a flash? Really, does having a flash mean 100% they’re a revolutionary? I said IC I didn’t want to be implanted and it was green alert, that should be taken into account, both of you were running armed with disablers and bolas, armory equipment? on green alert, you just ran at me and started shooting. I was even polite the entire time. You were too, it wasn’t bad interaction just badly handled and metaknowledgey.

If a secoff is allowed to silently arrest and search based on a random rumor, find a flash and demand mindshielding no matter the circumstance, then judge the person, as a secoff, to be gulaged. Set his points to very low, (I don’t care it was an accident, it happened. I didn’t “escape” shit, I just pressed the return button on the console) then auto arrest them again silently, drag them to be executed by demanding it over and over to the captain, then i need to start playin more sec, that’s a lot of things happening.