Axanthicthemoff banned by Caecilius

CKEY: Axanthicthemoff

Admin’s CKEY: Caecilius

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Today

Round ID: 19127

Ban Reason: Bombed Medbay as non-antag this is the third time they’ve done something of this scale.

Appeal Reason:
I was trying to build additional cloning pods and test them since I had seen public cloning chambers in the past. I was playing Research Director.
I kept trying to get to the prolathe to print the circuit, I saw the CMO and he told me to upgrade his machines instead. I said I’d do that if I can save his ID so I can easily get in and out to do so. He told me no and to get out. I attempted to get back to prolathe and was attacked then cuffed, I was then handed off to the captain, searched, and they lost my ID. The captain made me a new ID with access to medical. So after this I attempted to get back to the prolathe to do my original project since I now had access and had been checked. When I got there the cmo and security officer there kept attacking me. This happened a bunch of times I was just trying to do my thing, I just wanted to build my cloners. The CMO was so committed to ensuring that I was unable to get to the prolathe that he literally sat there to prevent me. So I made a bomb and upon seeing him run at me I threw it at him and detonated it.

Seems like IC issue to me, you shouldn’t attack other heads of staffs multiple times for trivial reasons. Perhaps they thought I was an antag thus their stance but I had done nothing to show that, their overly defensiveness lead to infighting between the departments.

Also the ban reason was “third time they’ve done something of this scale” which I explained that the 2nd time the admin wrongfully banned me and apologized, but you ignored that.

Like look at my play hours? Really perma? For an IC issue?
Maybe you could say I went to nuclear but I used what I had in my arsonal to win the encounter. He attacked and cuffed me, had me lose my ID, attacked me after I was searched.

Look I don’t really care either way - I’ve probably been playing too much ss13 lately. If you want to punish me I’ll close my PRs and not work on Bee anymore since it will be pointless. I believe I currently have 4 open as well as multiple branches I’m working on.

Third permaban. No.

Trying to maxcap medbay because you didn’t like the CMO is not an IC issue.


You clearly didn’t read?

First had context as well.

Would shooting him been fine? Like it escalated I wasn’t going to let this guy attack me again he very well could of been antag himself and I had been checked by the captain and given access.

I have an absolute fuck ton of hours so like I don’t get why you’d want to get rid of someone who’s always on and clearly this accounts for a very small amount of my hours played. The first had context and was on LRP the second was a mistake.

Here is the second so you can confirm.

It was me who banned you by the way, Caecilius just authorized me.

I completely missed your message regarding the second ban, I see now that it was in error and it should be deleted from your history.
Since this is not your third infraction for a similar thing I will be willing to lift the permaban.

However, what you did is still grossly overescalating the situation, fine that you had an IC issue with the CMO, and there were probably a lot of things you could have done about it. But bombing the whole fricking medbay? Come on dude…

I am still of the opinion that you deserve some sort of ban for this, but probably not a permaban.

I hope some other admin will be willing to share their thoughts too.


Respectable enough goal, buuuut

14. Do Your Job
Non-antagonists are required to perform their assigned job in good faith. Breaks are fine, but ignoring your department and obligations is not. This goes especially true for Silicons, Heads of Staff, and Security.
As people are expected to do their job, you are also expected to let people do theirs. If someone is manning a department, you must make a reasonable effort to solicit them for the service you require of them. If they are absent or unwilling to provide a necessary service or item, you are permitted to attempt to do it yourself, at the risk of IC consequences.

You were trying to gain access to medical which is not within your jurisdiction to do something that should be requested of medical. CMO requests you to do your job and you refuse, insisting on doing your own project instead.

CMO handles the situation appropriately by arresting and handing you off, and you face the IC consequences of trying to force your way into someone else’s department.

ID situation is largely irrelevant here so I’m ignoring it.

While I have to question exactly what you mean by attacking you, you were already thoroughly pushing your luck by this point. You don’t have a right to the medbay, it’s storage or anything else within it just because “I want it” and you had already been arrested for trying to force your way in.

Whatever beating you suffered must not have been very bad because you were simply repelled, and you were trespassing multiple times by this point.

You shouldn’t bomb an entire department for trivial reasons. Your arguments have done nothing but reassure me that this type of behavior is likely to repeat if you’re unbanned so far.

No it wouldn’t. Leaving the head of staff to manage their own department and finding something else to do would have been the best course of action by this point.

You have 40 hours, have plasmaflooded the station already as non-antag and seem to think it’s okay to throw a bomb at someone because they don’t want you in their department. We are not Hippie.

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Last I checked Medical can’t build cloners themselves, nor can I, I need access to the circuits to do it. I asked for access and was denied for no reason. Then upon trying to enter the door I was batoned and cuffed. After that I was given access sooooo.

Seeing as the plasma flood was due to misconceptions I disagree. LRP effectively becomes a deathmatch server in the middle of the night and that’s what I had seen. 40 hours for one issue I don’t know…

Caused me to be carried away for 15 minutes and have my id lost and not letting me access what I’ve been granted by the captain. So don’t retaliate with anything, if someone steals something you’re not allowed to hit them?

Like I get it, was a bit nuclear but I’m not robust so I used whatever I could to win the encounter, I was planning on knocking him out but couldn’t find earmuffs on the map. I personally think heads of staff shouldn’t attack and strip each other without good reason and I thought there wasn’t enough of a reason. I personally think this is a fun part of the game, if you strip and attack someone trying to cooperate with you over and over will attack you back. Could I let anyone strip and cuff me and not do anything about it? Sure.

I think it was a ‘bit overboard’ as opposed to perma status.
“Hey no need to use a max cap to settle a dispute.”
Oh ok. It was a bit overboard.

Like right now I could be coding for the server instead of arguing this appeal.

Will a punishment really change my behavior in anyway? 40 hours is a pretty big record, I ruined what 30 minutes for the CMO?

Why am I spending hours coding for a server that dislikes me and is so quick to perma ban me?

Nobody said you had to code for bee, if you would like go do other things. We appreciate the help though. Maxcapping is a pretty serious offense so I agree you should take a break, if it makes you feel better, usually if people apply (about a month or two after) for a permaban with a vouch from another server, it gets accepted.

Like it comes across like I’m not taking any responsibility but I’m salty.
I shouldn’t of used a max cap for a dispute and won’t in the future.

I think permas are over used, I think that’s actually how Hippie killed it’s playerbase, they had something like 25k bans.
So to me it’s like I’ve poured a bunch of hours into playing, poured a bunch of hours into coding and improving the server, and yet perma.

Yeah I’m not going to wait 2 months, 4 PRs awaiting approval, not to mention I have multiple branches of code I was working on, one of which I was planning on submitting today. Am I supposed to put those on pause for 2 months? Or still submit them even though I can’t play on the server?
I’d rather start my own codebase or play and work on another station.

I think this is an awful stance, if someone maxcapped me because I fucked with them all round, cuffed, attacked, stripped and searched them, and continued to do so I’d never ahelp it. Not to mention if that person coded I would want them because I want the game to get better.

Perhaps your right I care too much - The fact both in game and discord I’m getting called a nazi merely because I think it’s fucking stupid to perma ban someone for saying the word ‘r e t a r d’
This place is a hellscape and I’d be better off doing my own thing.

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I dunno about you but if a non-antag maxcapped medbay for literally any reason other than ‘killing a wizard’ id expect a permaban, especially considering it was over something non-immeaditly life threatining

CMO was cleraly a cunt, his bombing is just expression of his frustration, bit violent but hey, it had to go out

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Yeah if I was admin and heard that one staff head caused the other staff head to be held for 10 minutes then was granted access. Yet still attacked by the other head of staff I’d say the person was right in killing them and maybe chill with the max caps since that’s alot of collateral.

Permas are fucking retarded period.

but blowing up the medbay means

  • no one can be cloned that round
  • you likely kill several bystanders that had nothing to do with your slapfight
  • forces a shuttle call due to fastmos

its just shit, this bans more likely to stick because you only seem to be trying to justify your actions rather than apologise

Thanks for your input.
I already explained myself above.

So be it. I have a long track record, it’s a one time thing. Thus applying a perma ban has caused this reaction. I’ve already had to sit out as long as the CMO I killed as well a other rounds.

I’m not going to beg - I don’t care that much, I’m more baffled. I’ll close my PRs, delete my branches, and move the fuck on.

You have 42 hours on Bee, not sure why your trying to throw your weight around like you’ve been here for 500+ hours. This is the pure definition of over-escalation. “Oh, CMO won’t let me do this thing I want, the proper way to deal with this is to bomb medbay.” If you feel like bombing departments as non-antags is an IC issue I don’t see how you made it to 42 hours on this server. Your whole attitude doesn’t convince me at all you shouldn’t stay permabanned. What’s with trying to threaten us with closing your PR’s and branching? I get you’ve helped out the server but that doesn’t give you the right to grief on it


There’s 40 hours + all the hours I’ve been coding that I’m not a player that griefs every round. I didn’t just bomb it for zero reason just to grief. I didn’t spend all day coding just to grief hehexd.

I’m not threatening I’m merely saying. I’ll close my PRs that are open, you guys can reopen them, I’ll close the branches I currently have open for bee and stop working on them I was working on two different large projects all day. Why would I code for a server willing to perma me for ruining 30 minutes of a round when I have 40 hours. Not to mention the person fucked with me all round, by IC I mean there’s context, I didn’t just randomly grief, nor would I of done if if I thought I’d have to deal with all this drama. I said multiple times, probably should of used something other than a max cap.

Do whatever you want man.

more like

hey im sorry i overescalted and it wont happen again

its not hard bro lol

I would of said that if I didn’t instantly get permabanned and have to go through this cancerous appeal process.