Average_Joe22 completely cringe ban appeal

CKEY: average_joe22

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Golden (LRP)

Ban Type: Server ban

Ban Length: 14 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-06-21 12:25

Round ID: 17500

Ban Reason: Fullstripped and meatspiked the captain roundstart for no reason as a nonantag.

Appeal Reason: > for no reason. Bruh momento. Captain threatened to metagrudge me and a chemist last round because we were bothering him as blood bros. It explicitly told us that we better switch servers or we re getting grudged. Both IC and OOC im pretty sure. In even earlier rounds I always heard of this particular captain being a fucking shitter and supposedly cucking people for no reason. The meathooking and fullstripping happened, yeah. But even I was not the one to attack captain and cuff it, the chemist did (I DO NOT WANT HIM BANNED OR GETTING BLAMED FOR THIS). He brought the cappy to kitchen, I put it on a hook and started stripping. Hooking someone does about 30 damage and I did not have the intent to kill the retard, I said IC and in the ahelp that I can release cap if it wants to (cap ghosted by this point tho), I even killed Pete so he does not finish off cap while I was away. The funniest fucking thing is the admin asking me in ahelp what the fuck dude? and then FLOORCLOWNING me. fucking kek. Also caecilius was on last round and saw and heard this particular person being a retard captain and threating to metagrudge and god knows what else.

Additional Information: Bro I did not get the banning message somehow so I sat there in the cloning tube like a retard thinking im being revived bruh.

And also yes im calling the captain it because we all know that only TRANSGENDER INDIVIDUALS WHO I WHOLEHEARTELY SUPPORT AND ADORE play as women in ss13. :flushed:


Yes but being taken off of or escaping the spike does another 60 damage. That would have placed the cap in crit with no ID or radio cuffed on the floor, all because they said “I’m gonna metagrudge you” the previous round (and they didn’t end up doing so did they?).

The thing is that I thought and expressed intent for the captain not to die through all this and also I was not even the one who cuffed cap. How it be making sense

Fullstripping the cap and meatspiking them because of something they said last round aint cool bro.

Metagruding aint cool bro

Cluwneing people aint cool bro :flushed:

This is unrelated to this incident in particular, but the captain (Eliza) would 100% end up metagrudging them later in the round. There’s a reason why people hate her, she does dumb metagrudgey shit every single round.


Please report that stuff when it comes up and I’ll clap them for you.

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I second this. Report it when someone else breaks the rules. You don’t have clearance to break the rules because someone else did. If anyone is breaking the rules, make a report on it instead of taking it into your own hands.

@Caecilius why is this unlisted?

round was going on at the time

im not sure if this is the same person, but eliza tried to bumrush me with 2 laser guns, accidently shot a welding tank, died, dc’d, and got banned for it, all because i critted them in self defence (and revived them after), im 99% sure it was them, they’re a turbo shitter

anyways admemes, a 2 week long ban is a bit harsh for what could be boiled down to a self defence situation ngl. i guarantee you eliza would’ve just tried (and failed) to destroy him via raiding armory. i understand he should’ve reported but eliza has a history of metagrudging and he didn’t even actually crit them. FREE MY NlGGA JOE


who was the captain?
if it was Chamoral i can guarantee he would’ve gone for the metagrudge
also who the fuck just smites someone and bans them mid-round because “he did an oopsie”

on an unrelated note, why are 80% of captains on LRP are utter cancer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


wait so you basically killed him because of something he said in last round, because he was going to do what you basically did - metagrudge
big lmaoo becoming what you hate pretty much


This idea that “self-defense” based on something that was said in the previous round, before the player has done anything in the current round somehow not being a metagrudge itself baffles me.

There is no guarantee that they would have carried out the threat now. If you all fully believed they would have… let them. Then report or adminhelp it as I said above. They’ll find themselves banned instead of you, especially with the evidence of them claiming they will metagrudge on record.

The main thing is that I did not even stuncuff eliza. The chemist had some shit with her while I was away from my kitchen, I do not know if he attacked cap unprovoked or vice versa but when I got back to da kitchen cap was already cuffed for my convenience. It is my problem what happens after that (and franky not the chemist’s either, fucking ban eliza lmao)

Yeah Eliza would’ve metagrudging him later on, as a person who gets lied on about metagrudging so often it doesn’t matter to him anyone, I take calling some one a metagrudger seriously. Eliza would’ve definitely metagrudging him. Not sure how relevant it is though

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I also witnessed the same captain one round rush the armoury, run to the front of the bridge and just start randomly shooting assistants with laser guns.

It kinda makes sense why joe would metagrudge ngl chief elza has a habit of just trying to kill people.

‘well dont metagrudge’

when there hasnt been any admins on in 4-5 rounds and the same shitter keeps griefing everyone its hard not too


the funny thing is there was an admin, namely ticomanuel 2 days ago and caecillicus yesterday and none of them beaned eliza kek

Eliza is a deadly combo of being a shitter but also being in a server full of people who are 100x more robust than them. I had a round where I was traitor atmo tech with a kill elza objective, I literally crucified her publicly as she was trying to gun down random assistants round start and no one gave a shit.