Average_Joe 22 Admin Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): averagejoe22

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): TWaiK31#2259

How often are you online to play/admin? (Timezone): UTC + 3, I am free to admin for about 2+ hours .

What changes, if any, would you bring?: A new based Russian admin to cover up times when LRP has 0 admins online

How old are you?: 22

Why do you want to be an admin?: I have become a mentor a long time ago, played SS13 for on and off for about a year and mastered that shit. Now I am a bit burned out on the core gameplay of spessmens but I would be happy to admin since I know the rules, read the conduct and have expirence with admin tools because I used to test a lot of stuff on my server

How long have you been playing SS13?: About 500+ hours if including other /tg/ downstreams

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: 436 hours

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 7

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an admin?: 6

Have you ever been an admin on another server? This is not limited to SS13: Admined a GMOD Dark RP server

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: No alts

Your strengths: Generally calm and willing to listen to every person`s side of the story

Your weaknesses: Can get off at unexpected times but I will try to warn other admins if I have to leave urgently

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: Moth mains

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Being able to communicate with other staff to quickly sort out a situation or cover one anothers “shifts”, so to speak.

What makes a staff team good?: The sense of community

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To make the game as much enjoyable to play as possible by removing shitters and rulebreakers

What kind of player are you?: A miner main gigachad

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: Having times when people are spamming discord for an admin to get on will be just a bit less likely

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: That can go two ways. First of all I check if the gun is an objective of any antag currently on station. IF if is not - that is a classic prank, I subtlemessage the clown saying something to the effect off “Nice going honker, but that is very cringe please dont do borderline self antag shit ever again” and note the prankster. IF the gun is a traitor objective - that is a big no-no. I ahelp the clown and explain that stealing and spacing unique items is in fact self antagging and the clown is going to be banned for about 3 - 5 days for that (considerably less if he understood that what he did was wrong and if he has no other notes similar to this). I also return the gun on station too.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that another admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: That is blatant grief and self antagging since a new player could not do that by accident (as some people try to explain to admins). I ahelp that guy and ask him if he understands what he`s doing now. That guy is then up for a ban of about 14 days and maybe a 30 day or even a perma engineering job ban if he is unapologetic ( that time can be lowered if he has no previous notes about serious self antagging like this or if he understood that that was wrong and was calm and respectful in the ahelp).

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: I slap that IC issue button like there is no tomorrow, that is literally the definiton of an IC issue.

Additional Information : That is not the first time I am making an application but I think that I have already got enough game and administration expirience to get the role of trialmin and continue helping the server.

+2 I like the awnsers

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i would normally say the thing, but i think the meme is dead

the thing?
20 characters limit thanks you very much

oh yea, you know, the thing man, yea, the thing

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He means “solid choice of administration.”

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While this might make sense the first time you look at it, doing an action that has a chance to break the rules based on nothing but chance might be a bit… you know.

I don’t see how this breaks the rules

Common problem of mine, I don’t express my self properly.

An action which has a chance to break an action based on no other variables than chance, since you don’t know if there is or isn’t (There might be a traitor without that objective, so it’s fine to do that), doesn’t really make sense.

Consistency is important, doing the exact same action multiple times (Different rounds) should always result in the same result.

I still don’t understand your point

Just read the last sentence then, doing the same exact thing should always result in the same exact thing.

Round X: Clown throws hos gun into space, no bwoink because not traitor objective.

Round Y: Clown throws hos gun into space, bwoink because traitor objective.

Despite the action being the same, the result is different, because of factors outside of the honk man’s control.

Yes but;

Round X: Man plasma floods, ban cuz clear griff

Round Y: Man plasma floods, warning and hour ban cuz new player

Round Z: Man plasma floods, no bwoink cuz of traitor.

That factor did not depend on chance.

Also did not depend on chance.

The actions were not the exact same, one was made out of incompetency and other was intentional.

This action, was based.

Throwing the HoS gun into space comes with a dice roll, if you fail the dice roll (was it a traitor’s objective), you get banned.

Ah, now I see your point, however, he DID say he would tell the clown not to do it. Although it wasn’t in an admin PM, which it SHOULD be since most people don’t notice whispers. So, yes, it IS kinda bad to do that, in both situations, the clown has administrative actions taken towards them.


however, whatever the HoS does to the clown is valid, because if you steal the fucking instant fight winning HoS taser gun, you deserve literally everything that happens to you

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I personally would mark the Clown & HoS an IC issue due to THE HISTORY AND LORE BEHIND THE GLORIOUS CLOWN. But these people don’t get it, heccin sseth tide.

And my arguement to itS a TrAItOR ObJecTIVE. Fuck off, tough luck, this is a game and you don’t always win. The HoS clearly didn’t.

But +2 for good answers and we should give him the trialmin period.

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yea, if you’re a traitor and you got the steal objective, gee whiz kid, shit happens, you better get an EVA suit and jetpack and go into space and track down that taser the good old fashioned way

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joe is extremely based and learns with his mistakes definetly a good choice for admin.

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+10 if he gives me an antag


Use my crusader, donator, dickhead powers to +5

He’s online same time as me and he’s one of the few good mentors, one time he died as detective to save SM cause I didn’t know how to fix it

One question though, will you lose weight?

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