AVASheep Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

Title: AVASheep Admin/Mentor Report

CKEY: DatBoiTim

Your Discord: Windows XP#3972 (Server Nick Matched CKey/Forum Username)

Offender’s CKEY: AVASheep

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/21/20

Round Number: 21635

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Significant Admin Interference within Round, unlikely prior approval.

Incident Description: 

Starting with what I witnessed myself: Spawned a player(CKEY Ironicpower) as a sentient Cat Surgeon. Cat Surgeon cooperated with Security department, delivering pacifications as opposed to perma, execution, etc.(Read: Punishment for Capital Crime). After discussion with captain, pacifications may also be applied to offenders in cases of assault or other crimes where a crew member was harmed(provided sufficient evidence). While CatSurgeon was not involved in these discussions, I had made it very clear as Warden that I would (attempt) to kill them should they step out of line.

This ultimately culminated in the CatSurgeon getting pissed for not being allowed to pacify crew who attacked them. Bear in mind, cat surgeon was not considered crew for purposes of not enabling pacification in self defense. At one point, cat surgeon started to go extremely rogue. This started with me being attacked while putting on an EOD suit to respond to a bomb threat in Brig. I fought back with my laser shotgun(acquired from gateway) only to be pacified. Responding borg and officer were, despite the incompetence in fighting the threat(attempts to stun and stamina crit), also subsequently pacified. Further response from other armed individuals(mostly officers showed up). Cat surgeon ultimately killed an unknown number of individuals directly, myself, and a handful of officers included.

This is direct witness. See additional information for another related incident.

Additional Information:

Also worth noting was intense involvement in Chaplain’s affairs, recorded by this player Verbatim in post round OOC:


“OOC: MorkelebMink: but yes, inc ase anyone was curious, the admins gave me a quest to sacrifice 10 monkeys in the chapel in order to get daemonifying powers, that’s how I made blue constructs as non cult”

I had no direct witness to anything regarding the Chaplain, however, this may be worth investigating.

Edits: Formatting, so this is actually reasonable to read.

I was the admin responsible for the cat surgeon.

A player prayed that they wanted to be something alive, and they were next to an already existing cat surgeon, so I put them inside of it.

I do find the meat of your report somewhat interesting.

You found it convenient to work with what is generally regarded as an antagonist with the specific goal of converting the crew into felinids.

You entered into agreement with it, and satiated it’s desires by giving it access to prisoners, and other crew members accused of minor crimes.

But then you are surprised that when you no longer supplied it with crew to convert, that it did indeed turn on you and attacked you as you had allowed it to do to so many others.

When you play with fire, you get burned.

You cannot reap the benefits of something while also disclaiming all responsibility.


It wasn’t even a removal from the job. It was 1 specific crew member who, to my knowledge, had done nothing but call for the Cat Surgeon to be killed.

However in light of the spawner, I suppose most of the report is considered moot.

Worth noting that Cat surgeons very infrequently kill, due to circumstance among other factors. They rarely if ever attack their victims once they are pacified/catified.

Don’t provoke an antagonist mob then complain when it blows up in your face.