Automatice the self sedestruc code response Poll

The request for the self-destruct codes go mostly unnoticed. Only admins can respond them and even if they are connected they usually won’t respond since they are to distracted with other stuff.
I suggest the code to be sent to the station a random time after they are requested and the message to get faster if the station is on red alert.
Another option would be to make the mentors respond this requests.

You are a blob or a xenomorf trying to win? Then you better prevent the captain from doing his duty. Unless he is a massive coward and is the first one to abandon the station.

  • It could improve the game, If you are a massive treat you should worry about somebody just nuking all.
  • Is a terrible idea, shity captain will nuke the station as soon as they run into a problem.
  • Maybe we should let the mentors or moderators hander this when there is no admin.

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Absolutely not. Hell no. I know it’s general, it’s probably a joke post, but no.


Well I guest I will have to spam the self-destruct request to distracted admins.

What’s the WORSE that could happen, entire rounds being ended by unruly captains?


just ban the captains who nuke the station 4 no raisin


Make it so 2 commands have to press the secure button in their rooms to allow the self-destruct to be functional and no captain could do the funny for a bad reason.


Like, you could do what the other comments say, but make it so that self destruct button requires a biometric scan (meaning you cant impersonate captain) to work. and that it only works on red alert.
Rounds shouldn’t be noticeably worse when admins aren’t on. Your mindset is harming the server.

Nuking the station to deny antags a greentext they earned is very fucking cringe bros.


Nuking is to be done if there is no hope: If there is a massive cult or if the shuttle is full of xenomorf or if the blob is about to win. But normally these treats are so destructive that even self destructing the station is unlikely as however have the disc have probably die at that point. The times this dosen’t hapen and the cap ask for the codes there may no be an admin at all and if there is he may not even notices, so pretty much never the captain detonates the station.
If the code is start to be sent regularly in this crises, this antagonist may will have to take action to prevent the self-destruct to be activated. So it could become part of getting the green text

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So you want to FURTHER instinctive captain murder to get dat green text?


Hard no,
The rare times the nuke was called, justified

if the xenos or whatever can’t beat up the captain before they either:
A) set red alert
B) request the nuke codes
or C) get to the vault to use the nuke disk
then that redtext is on them

having the nuke codes always available in a “station lost” scenario makes sense from a lore perspective and makes for more interesting storytelling (Captain and Co recognise all is lost and so bravely wade through waves of antagonists overrunning the station to take them all out in a blaze of glory vs the last 4 dudes alive on the shuttle getting punched to death by aliens because they couldn’t do anything else)


I’m mean for this antagonist it could become part of winning and getting the green text to stop the self-destruct of the station

biometric scan + 2 heads having to allow it beforehand seems like a reasonable idea

Do not forget, when the code is requested , a loud announcement is spread to all Z-levels.
This is not a stealth “make all antags greentext” thing, this is just a fun, canon, rp way to fight back and add an additional obstacle to round ending antags.

And with biometric scan + head approval, you would ensure that a griefer would not be able to use it to round end 5 mins in.
and if people abuse it, ban them. Simple as.

there is genuinely no reason to not implement it.


Or… or

Perhaps allowing the station to be nuked is just not a great way to end a round via adminbus and should only be done occasionally and primarily for comedic effect.


More importantly they also shouldn’t have a player accessible kill switch.


This is now a poll to see what people thinks

The people who play heads and raise alert wothout voting and have never read sop, will nuke the station every time if this is implemented instead of calling the shuttle because a single xenomorph showed up.

ban the shitter command members then. They’re already harming the game without nuking the station


I see so many ways this will go wrong.
Admins have a lot of oversight on whats happening and when boom is appropiate.
A captain might over react or missunderstand, especially during comms outage.

The only one who should have this power is the clown.