Autisme Banned by giggaguyfromspaceland

Title: CKEY Banned by Admin CKEY

CKEY: Autisme

Admin’s CKEY: giggaguyfromspaceland

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Engineering ban

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03-29-2021

Round ID: 28335

Ban Reason: “As CE threw a nonantag into the sm suspecting them to be a ling or sabotaging the sm. Had no evidence and threw them into the sm on a hunch or any indication that the player was a ling”

Appeal Reason: Id like to start off that iam content with the 1 month ban, as it was indeed out of line to dust him. But I think that a permenant ban on engineering is overkill, which is the only ban I want appealed.

To paint the picture. I was the CE of the round. The SM was deleming for the first time. This was caused by a teratoma. I managed to fix it with the help of a borg(who was unsycned without my knowledge). A 2nd time the engine got delemed by a engineer, who also assaulted me with a ling blade. Again me and the borg fixed the situation and with the help of HoS dusted that ling. Then it happens again. Constantly filters get set away and the borg and I scramble to fix the situation until I saw another engineer(the victim) walking past filters I just fixed. And I checked them as he was walking away the filters where again messed up. I felt confident and pretty stressed out that he would just continue to sabotage and decided to dust him. In the end it was the AI who was subverted and unlinked from the borg, which didn’t cross my mind until I died from SM explosion

I can admit that dusting is bad thing to do for CE, but I also feel like I didn’t have many option. HoS wasn’t there to help and the engine was very close to blow up. And I was sure you cant just as a CE say “oh some one is sabotaging my engine, but not my job” and just walk away from it. Dusting certainly is overstepping bounds which is why iam accepting the month ban but I was at my wit end as I was constantly in the SM room fixing the engine from ling activity. A permeant engineering ban seems overkill

Additional Information: My flash ran out of charges(from previuse ling) and I didnt have cable coil on me. So i coundlt have used those

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ngl this was just a case of malf ai framing innocent station engi, this whole thing is supposed to be part of the game


I recommended this without full information on the case via secondhand commentary from the relevant administrator. The rest of the bans seem to be in-scope as described, this one does not. Approved.