Australian Gene Power

New Gene Power.

Name: Australian.


  • Your sprite turns upside down.
  • You replace the words friend, comrade and all other friendly words with “Mate”.
  • You replace all swear words with “Cunt”.
  • Simplemobs always attack you.
  • You catch fire constantly (doesn’t deal damage).
  • Men at Work - Down Under plays constantly.
  • You get martial arts but only works on simplemobs.

Bro this is a must have gene powers please admemes hehehihihihii hehehe :wink:

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-martial art doesnt work on simplemobs
-making simplemobs in nonhostile factions attack involves dealing with code bullshit

-this is coderbus, not admeme

bruh moment

20 character

ok so, what about simplemobs follow you around?

mate friend needs to be replaced with cunt the fire part no

what no it doesnt, making all mobs attack you is ez and theres an existing faction tag to do it retardo

martial arts can be made to work on simplemobs with literally a 1 line change

woah nice

20 charactter