Austin Gold Feedback

I come back begging for feedback on my characters. My last feedback was for Forgets-Her-Name while this one is dedicatd to Austin Gold; the Afro man with goatee and one of the first characters I ever made on SS13 back in 2020.


certified Ex-Shitsec now the only true lawyer main, always getting thrown in jail for asking too many questions and whining too much to command. I sometimes play him on other roles like QM or Captain where his capitlist side takes over and he demends everyone give him money needlessly. (Sorry if his Tax HoP schemes has enraged you in the past).

This is also the man behide the Donkin The Donut mask

I always try to be the butt to every joke as clown with most of his behaviour being questionably funny or not. Haven’t been honking lately though.

As usually any criticism with my playstyle as these characters is greatly appreciated and thanks for reading. :clown_face:


Remember helping you come up with lizard deputy names, or might’ve been someone similar looking. Eitherway, funny legal man I sometime end up seeing when im relegated to security 10/10 would hire him again

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Austin is the kind of character whose RP stands out. I remember that time I used my antag token for a noire meme det traitor and had you as a target. Failed horribly, but we had excellent dialogue, especially when you got brainwashed by some wanna-be abductor.



Yeah I remember interacting with a detective lizard and asking for names to give my totally legally owned lizard that I was going to buy from a legitimate supplier of lizardpeople. I only remember Law-And-Order or Serves-The-Law being one of the names we came up with.

Enjoy our interaction together! :slight_smile:

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cool lawyer

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My favorite lawyer, too bad we all got murdered by syndicated that round with four lawyers

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Phoenix Wright of SS13


anyways I don’t really remember seeing you (might be due to my crippling amnesia) but lawyer main so 11/10

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I remember the shift where you were CAA just recently.

Damn that was some well done RP.


I miss the 100% felinid pizzeria.
Always had fun and interesting time with both Austin and Donkin (more with Donkin for sure).

Still some beef to solve with the LeBlancs though

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Donkin’s Pizzeria will return once the lawsuit over the “killing of innocent “people” are taken into account” something like that is dealt with.