[Ausar Atkinson] Player Commendation

CKEY: Kapu1178

Your Discord: Kapu#1178

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ausar Atkinson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/20/21

Round Number: 34176

Rules Upheld: You Must Roleplay

Incident Description: Bridge was fuck. Engineers were fuck. So, I walk up to our atmos tech and get his attention. He asks if I need him, and I say yes, engineers are being useless and bridge needs repairs. This gamer, activates an EMP implant, and hauls me off into space. He proceeds to strip me of my important HoS goodies, mainly my ID and armor.

You know what this motherfucker does next?

Brings me back into engineering, slams me on a table, and says “Hos dead in engi”

Absolutely incredible antag conduct. If it didn’t take the entire rest of the round for me to be revived, I would’ve “forgotten” the incident due to the brain damage I endured.

10/10 would get emp’d again.


God i thought i just got reported

Edit: pangang there mean sorry kapu (if i remember right)

Like i was thinking of going loud, with full ammo in my bag and armor, and you just came by and asked me for help, eventho i was on search status , i was prepping for you to just flash me and done with, so because you exactly didnt do that, i thought it was fair for me to at least return your body.

And because of this encounter i met dead carded ai in your bag, and i already dont want to kill both of my target (Cano because hes fuckin bro matterial and The viro because hes paraplegic), was hoping for you to be revived and started a goose chase or something. Turned out your body got ignored by your underlings eventho i called out so many times, so i just focused on reviving the subverted ai, and actually succeed.


Heh and believe it or not when the shuttle arive i was in the verge of screaming in the radio with loud voice “Dont tell me hos still didnt got revived?!!?!” , cause i didnt see you in the crew monitor yet, then you came out alive on your officer (bless him, actual non deaf officer) shoulder from the robotics. Like im in verge of just going to revive you myself, and just release you or something.