Aurora FQ and Andre Deacon player report

CKEY: UnscrupulousRealtor

Your Discord: Blake the Snake#7475

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Aurora FQ, Andre Deacon

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/2/22

Round Number: 40687

Rules Broken: 1, 2, 3

Incident Description: I spawned in as Mime, and Stage Magician came in and changed into a wizard outfit. He left through maints so I spawned in Guide to Advanced Mimery and started reading the first book. He then came back in the room, used his telegloves to table me and then stole and ran away with the book. Afterwards, he read it and then gave it back to me. He also helped Sec arrest me for some reason. The Chef was in Dorms with a knife out when I spawned in a clown car. They walked into the room I was in, I was in the process of getting into the clown car, and they immediately wordlessly began trying to murder me with the knife, only running away after I disarmed them.

Additional Information:

I’ll make this quick. Here are some cherry-picked logs from Andre:

[2022-10-03 03:38:54.922] BoOuf.yUh \ Andre Deacon \ Stage Magician \ NONE \ LATEJOIN
[2022-10-03 03:41:45.710] SAY: BoOuf.yUh/(Andre Deacon) "im a wizzard arry" (Starboard Maintenance (150, 120, 2))
[2022-10-03 03:42:06.553] SAY: BoOuf.yUh/(Andre Deacon) "ala cazzooo!" (Starboard Maintenance (149, 120, 2))
[2022-10-03 03:42:58.968] SAY: BoOuf.yUh/(Andre Deacon) "ALA CAZOO!" (Primary Tool Storage (88, 152, 2))
[2022-10-03 03:43:35.405] ATTACK: BoOuf.yUh/(Andre Deacon) learned the spell Invisible Blockade (Invisible Blockade) (Storage Wing (85, 156, 2))
[2022-10-03 03:49:10.543] SAY: BoOuf.yUh/(Andre Deacon) "eat fard mime-o" (Primary Tool Storage (92, 148, 2))

My personal opinion is that this is gross negligence of our rules on RP, and they already have been warned for such.

For the cook, the part where they are “wordlessly trying to murder” is a partial exaggeration, as they only attacked once with a knife and unscrumpulous retaliated accordingly, though they probably shouldn’t have had been sitting around the recreation area with an alleged knife out in the first place.

Report Accepted