Attention All Security Gamers

The following quote was sourced from a recent ban appeal/

I thought this was common sense but apparently it isn’t. And before you ask, “first aid” means epipens and a bandage, not bruise packs, ointment, synthflesh patches, what have you.

If I were an admin I would post this on discord and notify people since I’ve had people argue about this before and people will continue to do this unless it’s made abundantly clear that it is against the rules.


Now what about a IPC officer carrying a welder and cables?


Can miners on lavaland take items from the lavaland medbay as no paramedics or doctors ever go to lavaland?


I will now no longer carry emergency medkits as an assistant when I trip on a rock and have to fix my left leg

No. You are to use the lavaland hospital or befriend a nice goliath to administer first-aid. Can trade 2 watcher sinew for 1 bandage from an ashwalker (Who has broken into the outpost now)

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Head of Security Kalavi lumen reminds you of the following.

In case you green as grass types forgot, we uphold SPACE LAW, and that has it’s perks, like sweet sweet doughnuts being our panacea and Quad sec being our sweet nectar of life, and those among you Personally insecure enough to think you need a full medkit in your bag should consider finding work in other departments on station.


The least robust tend to forget that donuts heal you.

doughnuts heal sec and command staff, can’t say the same about the rest of the crew though.

if you want to keep a seccie down then you’d better ensure he can’t scarf down two doughtnuts, Z0RG help your sorry ass if they have a sprinkled doughnut or Boston cream because the only thing happening after that is your ass being put in jail.


yeah, forgot to add in “sec and command” lmao

Fair enough tbh the only time i’ve justified carrying a single pack of ointment/bruises in my armor vest is when i’m appointed as medbay-sec, i 100% agree that a full health-kit when you have a brig-phys/paramed/staffed medbay is not necessary

Though this makes me consider that there should be a limit on how many emegency pens explorers/miners should carry, i’ve seen a couple that have a webbing full of them and at that point i think that’s too much lol

You can OD using too many of them at once, somewhat effective hinderance. Really bulking up on survival pens are only effective if you’re going up against something the station is waging war against. Nukies and clock cultists mostly, you’d be able to rapidly heal people with single doses. I would be more worried about miners trying to drop a large supply of pens in medbay, which With lucky asteroid mining you can rack up points pretty healthy to do that.

Though personally I never carried much health items playing as sec, sometimes patches or bandages for personal use if I was going to be fighting long-term. Though usually I’d just get killed before I had w chance to use them

That is a super confusing, which common person wouldnt heal supplies with them?Injuries are common on the station so why wouldnt you carry around a medkit if those arent rare/expensive.

Assuming you meant “wouldn’t keep”, the answer is The majority of them. I don’t carry around full medkits and in my experience neither do the majority of established players here. This has only ever been especially common amongst a few types of players:

  • Valid-hunters - people expecting to experience combat that like to beat the shit out of anyone they think they can find an excuse to. These people get injured frequently and know it.
  • Powergamers - people who want to be ready for anything and everything that could happen because “injuries happen a lot during the game” and they disregard server rules against trying to be ready for things that haven’t happened yet.
  • Shitters - people who try to escalate anything and everything, and also that just like to cause trouble for the sake of it out of boredom. The more sensible players tend to use light force while dealing with shittery so they get used to having a lot of small wounds to bandage.
  • Medical staff - because it’s actually their primary function on the station to have and use medical supplies on the rest of crew.

Most shifts (aka “rounds” out-of-character) are “normal” for your character. Rounds are typically non-canon, and only the current shift is abnormal/crazy/etc.

  • Basically, don’t act like it’s normal for cultists/nukies/wizard/etc to happen to the station, or for things to generally devolve into chaos.
  • Pretend your shifts normally go smoothly and without major incidents, and that the current round/shift is an anomaly.
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What defines a “normal” security officer? If you are assigned to medical does that make it alright?

Even though police officer basically always carry around a full first aid case with surgical tools, many things to stop bleedings and save lives. An IFAK people, it’s real !

The brig physician is the only part of the security team that is medical.

And they technically answer to the CMO as their head, too.


I was thinking of the scenario of a scientist doing xenoarchaeology
if I’m not mistaken, some xenoarch labs even start with a first aid kit with medical supplies
given that artifacts often malfunction and lead to harm, is it reasonable to have a first aid kit within xenoarch lab and use it as needed, or does it fit under powergaming category?

With everything I’ve said so far, I guess I have been misrepresenting my personal stance on medkits. The white ones are throughout the station for good reason - they’re meant for general use and minor injuries for whoever needs them. Going to the location of a medkit and taking what you need for the moment in order to patch yourself or someone else up after a minor injury has occurred is not only fine, but intended gameplay.

What I do personally have issue with, is the people who snatch up medkits before anything has happened to them or others. That is what makes it powergaming to me when they aren’t medical staff - they are seeking items pre-emptively, just in case something goes wrong. In the process they are also potentially depriving someone else of access to it later.

Yeah I agree, hopefully if that new PR get accepted it will at least make it more difficult to take one with you.

While you are no longer staff I would ask if you could weigh in on mining and explo then? With mining and explo it’s not if its when they get hurt. being so remote from the station and any medical personal also means its either going to be you, or a friend healing you, unless you die and it’s bad enough to have to be dragged to medbay.

Do you think it’s fine to stock up on the provided med items in your department when away from the station?

The majority of miners never go anywhere near a medkit because they have near (or actually) limitless access to legion cores and survival pens, both of which are extremely powerful when it comes to healing. Them being unable to carry a medkit does almost nothing for their overall survivability.

As far as explorers go, I don’t have enough direct experience with exploration to have an opinion worth considering. I asked for other input in dev channel about how the PR might negatively affect them. I know they have access to rapidly healing survival pens and medkits via vendors just like miners do but not how readily available the points for buying them are. I know the intended design direction was for them to bring supporting crew (such as paramedics/security) with them for dangerous missions, but this almost never happens.

Exploration is just kind of a sticky mess of conflicting design intentions, unintuitive gameplay and players that don’t want to coordinate with the station imo

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