Atleast 5 or more admins abusing powers but unknown server round ids

In-game misconduct: miss using admin powers to know antag is and kill before the round end or to take away antag role to give to someone else after 5 or so minutes passed or less and then wouldn’t give back when asked too many other things some probably not even reported one included in reasons why I lost ooc me complaining about admins miss using powers. at least one game not too many ago after lost ooc during escape on shuttle only admin knew I was a legit traitor but I was killed but someone in-game before end comes out nowhere knowing I was traitor

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Admin Report

CKEY: Higiro

Your Discord: higi

Offender’s CKEY: too many, I know that I was told at least 5 are claimed to have ooc banned me and some for the misused power might not be on that list.

LRP or MRP server: both

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): unknown but all this year


I know this is at least partially about me, you DC’d as a xeno larva in a plasma fire so I could either do nothing and let the xeno die when there were only three and the queen was working overtime, or give it to someone else(chosen at random, from ghosts). I then ahelp muted you for complaining about my decision repeatedly in ahelps.

No server, no Admin names, no round numbers and a weak understanding of English make this report worthless. Feel free to make another report after you get more information.