At what point is it ok to stop fighting and accept being a antag/help future antag

Like few examples
Your impregnated with alien for whatever reason you couldn’t get it removed?
Or one I get quite often is as a plasmeme getting converted
Or as a cult grabs you and they are rather new player

Like example 1 what point does it come ok to go hide so the future player (alien) gets a good chance?
2. When’s it ok to accept conversion
3. When’s it ok to not shout out and accept your gunna be cult

Cause RP wise you can argue alien either wouldn’t know he was implanted like the movies and/or be complied to hide to protect it
2. As a plasmeme I’m quite lucky in face I either get ignored or they try to talk me into taking off my helmet, RP wise I think my guy takes more damage so would be more cowardly but still loyal so I often say your have to beat me when I lay down means I accept, and fight till I’m in orange you could fight your way out or shout base in chapel etc, but then you see Karen Holmes so you know your getting converted

Like RP wise you’d never give in, but if you shout base in chapel then are converted, your teams now fucked
Or the next player will pop out your belly in sec and be killed
So at what point is it acceptable to admit defeat and try to help your future team?

Thinking like this is what made this game fun for me and not really a round ruiner, where you used common sense to know when to not completely compromise the team antag that you’re likely about to end up being apart of in a minute or less.

If you’re someone critical to the station, you have an obligation to try and get assistance to your location, you could make up some ic training about it; service, maintenance, assistants, maybe some of medical and engineering could have some excuse to not go “help cult in chapel” and could reasonably freak out and probably forget to scream out where they are instead of just a simple, “Agh help”

Xeno infections? I dunno, most people would probably go get checked out in medical, maybe some would ignore it. Cult is definitely where this philosophy applies the best.

Well as heads I’d say your 100% loyal to death so you scream to the death
But as for say rest of us, are we just clones out on a space station and therefore also 100% loyal
Or am I just a cowardly plasmeme who wants to be brave but isn’t robust enough for it

One of the few times I called out where a cult base was, it was more because they were extremely inept, stunning and teleporting me to the mining base before trying to remove my headset

Right, if cult fails to remove your headset before taking you to their base they deserve to be called out.

Fight till the last possible second. Glory to Nanotrasen.

After that certain point it all really depends on what you want to do. Nobody’s going to blame you if you don’t shout cult in chapel when surrounded by 5 cultists chanting Arabic next to you. It also makes sense to NOT call it out once you’re sure you have no way out. Snitches get stitches, and you might have a chance to get out if you don’t piss’em off. Likewise, you can RP as an alpha chad and call them out anyways.

With Xenos you aren’t guaranteed to get the larva and aren’t even the same person/being with the larva. You’d be expected to try and get it out of you no matter what, else you die.