Astralari Mentor Application //ON HOLD//

Your CKEY: Astralari

Your Discord: insert generic luna here#7971

How long have you been playing ss13?: October 19, 2020

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: None

Game Experience (More Detailed):


Not alot of Command hours ngl

I don’t really enjoy command roles, and it’s kind of stressful playing them for me.

hours are a bit dispersed so I’ll ask a few questions:

  1. how to get malf ai powers as a non-malf ai? to repair burn damage on a Borg?
  2. how do you get alien tech and illegal tech in a greenshift without abductors?
  3. which part of lavaland contains the most ores?

I believe the northern parts only contains more of the rarer ores and less common ores, not more ores in general.

  1. The combat upgrade disk in the ashwalker camp.
  2. Robotics access ID or ask it to unlock, crowbar, remove the power cell, screwdriver, use wiring, screwdriver, crowbar, lock.
  3. Alien ruins can spawn on lavaland, which have alien surgical tools.
  4. I have never heard of MORE ores, but you can get more of the rarer ores by going north.
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more ores was a trick question ; ) +1

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bruh no gimmick hours, what the fuck man -99999

Your AI and Science hours look very promising.

Your command hours need to be bumped up, as Head roles emphasize teaching like mentors will be doing, and indicate a mastery of said department where you are comfortable in knowing everything and being available to ask for questions or take over roles entirely.


+1 be seeing you real soon

I don’t get it 33 hours on AI and 47 on station engi, yet you refuse to even TOUCH CE, you could be sharing knowledge with people in game but no

If you don’t enjoy command roles, which one of your jobs as command, is to educate and help out your underlings, then what are the chances you’ll make a good mentor?

Dude. Command roles have other responsibilities. Maybe they don’t want to deal with all the BS of dealing with the steriotypical engi gang
-“I’m going to make a tritium setup, tell nobody, and then rage when people try to stop the SM being on fire”
-“How do I set up suopeprmatter”
-silently takes a suit and fucks off into space
-silently takes insuls and fucks off into maint
-“I’m only rolling atmos tech so I can plasmaflood when I roll antag”
and last but not least
-Hehe irresponsible fusion go clcilcciclciclcicclcic explodes
Now if they had BAD command experience and were generally a power abusing shitter it MIGHT be a reason to deny, but no command experience isn’t a bad thing.
It’s not “I don’t want to teach people” it’s “I don’t want to be the person all of command yells at when doctor tritium over there nukes and irradiates the station”

I have 1700 ish hours, and I only have 50 command hours total. I would like to say i’m a decent mentor even though I don’t like the extra responsibility command roles bring.

I enjoy the teaching part of being a head of staff, but not being blamed for someone else’s mistake, as RDS88 was saying.

That being said though, I will attempt to play more command.

bump and a +1 for 320hrs with no metagame bans, get more mentors already

Bump. I agree with @RDS88 that command hours really don’t matter that much, as long as you have enough experience in every job, but due to the fact that only 1 person has asked some relatively easy questions, I will ask some questions before leaving a +/- 1.

  1. How to check the station alert without asking someone else?
  2. What is agent S and what does it do?
  3. “My SM chamber preassure keeps dropping, help”
  4. Can monkeys have/get mutations?
  5. How to effectively set up the turbine engine?

Question Time:
1: What reagent can give a disease the Cornu Cutaneum symptom, and how do you get it?
2: Xenobio can reproduce materials, how so?
3: How can you obtain bananium without maints or ruins?
4: What are drinks from bar can make you hallucinate?
5: Someone asks why they lost an arm after eating something from the kitchen. What did they eat?
6: Honk?

  1. The station alert console can show power, atmospheric, and fire alarms at once.
  2. I’m going to be honest, I have never heard of that. Maybe something involving fusion?
  3. Is the chamber spaced, and is the air alarm set correctly?
  4. They can become gorillas with enough radiation, but otherwise I do not believe so.
  5. Send oxygen and plasma to the burn chamber. Upgrading the turbine parts makes it produce more power.
  1. Virology is not one of those things I am good at, but the wiki claims you need Anomalous Virus Food.
  2. Dark Purple slimes can produce plasma sheets.
  3. Xenobiology, with charged pyrites.
  4. Absinthe and beepsky smash (though it only gives you beepsky hallucinations).
  5. Arnold pizza.
  6. Honk!

I more so meant the fact that you can check the station alert from fire alarms, but the question’s wording isn’t great so I won’t hold that against you

This was mostly to see if you could codedive it, just a reagent that gives you Gastrolosis, which turns you into a snailperson.

Mostly yes, but a big part is also checking that the air filters are filtering N2 back into the SM



All in all, okay answers +1

What do you need to make it?

There’s two other crossbreeds that can replicate any kind of material excluding tc, what are they?


There’s a few others that actually causes hallucinations, name any one of them?



a fellow teaching enjoyer nice. still a few questions

  1. a player asks that they cannot pick up other players to carry them to medical. what could they be doing wrong
  2. how can you get diamonds from xenobio
  3. how to rotate machines.
  4. a player asks what battery could give them “unlimited power”
  5. how could you deal with a rouge borg

You answered half of that, how do you get it?

Correct but that’s producing materials. Xenobio can outright clone materials.

Answers for my others look good so far.