Asimov/Crewsimov Abuse

Been playing alot more silicon roles lately and been wondering what stops prisoners from private ai comming ai and law 2ing them to let them out. From what I’ve been told silicons can not deem someone a potential harm to crew unless already comitted violent crimes. Other things such as whether non sentient humans (gene humans, syndie commanders, cat surgeons) should also be protected under asimov laws.

If anyone knows a definition for what makes a law 2 order harmful it would be helpful.

I find alot of the time silicon playees set some boundries to prevent jim the assistant telling them to fetch the station blueprints for them.


Absolutley nothing if they didnt commit any violent crimes.

Is it likely for someone of the protected class to get hurt as a result of the order?
If yes then bad. If no then fine.

The only thing here that might deserve seperate mention is that you can consider letting unqualified people into places like atmos or the engine can be considerd harmfull as they might get hurt or break something (even if OOC we all know evry assistant knows how to set the engine, IC they surely dont)

Blue prints is a sad example where you can on most maps reasonably deny them access, as they need to through engine room. Still kinda shitty though.
But if its like, assistant wants to grab the captains medalbox from their office? Theres no excuse to deny this, as thats totaly unharmfull.


Disclaimer: I’m not an admin so don’t take my word as ruling

I believe what you’re looking for though is the silicon policy.

But let’s go with some of the situations that you mentioned.
Someone’s in perma and asks to be let out by you, an asimov/crewsimov AI. If they commited a violent crime (or a crime unknown to you), you can just say no:

In case they didn’t commit any crime that would make it worthy of “probable cause” (like simple grand larceny), you get a choice, either let them go (I mean come on, the poor person got permaed for a non violent crime that break any of your laws) and let the warden deal with it, or you can let them go with a warning on comms of what you are doing, waiting to use:

Effectively waiting for a conflicting order from sec (this might be considered a bit stinky, and only would work if they didn’t tell you not to talk about it on comms).

As for Jim the assistant fetching the station blueprints:

If you want to be a snitch, and they didn’t tell you not to be, well that’s a you decision.

But always remember:
Just play in good faith, ahelp when confused and you’ll be fineeeeee… probably.


Didnt know about the silicon policy page, its alot more precise then the AI laws page thanks.


If you REALLY want to be a stingy mother fucker about Law 2 on Asimov/Crewsimov, force people to invoke law 2 to get their way.
alternatively, Non-humans/Non-crew may even invoke law 1 to try fucking with you and the things you’re doing. Things like calling out sec being violent or unsafe sci/engie practices or jobs.

This discussion and the concept it represents is one of the many reasons I love playing AI.

The first time a prisoner asked me to let them out of brig my thought process was “heh, that’s silly, why would I… Oh. Oh that’s hilarious.”

Love the emergent stuff that comes from laws.


A sure fire way to piss off SEC is to remind an Asimov or Crewsimov A.I. of the “education chamber”.
They’ll almost always go out of their way to recycle the whole room and hide all execution supplies.

Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn’t a normal AI value the words and interest of Command over the average crew member if all else is equal? If so, does it have to be explicitly stated then?

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That’s not a (starting) law, so I don’t think that’s necessarily a thing. The AI’s only desires/considerations are those that relate back to it’s laws, so if the AI was convinced that that somehow improved safety then it could play as if that were the case. At least as far as I know.

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No. No it should not.
Or rather, it doesnt have to.

In the case of conflicting orders, you are free to choose how to resolve the conflict - you just have to be consistent and do it the same evry time.
Go with the newest order, go with the oldest… or go by rank, if you realy want to.

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Go by literal randomness? lol

Keep up and choose from it.

I don’t play alot of Silicon but I always forget that “human” literally means I have to treat everyone BUT humans like total non entities. Had sec thinking I was rogue the other day because I was following my prevent harm laws on a non-human.

A.I.: behaves in ways not dictated by it’s law set
A.I. : Do you think I lack the sentience to act in ways outside of, but not conflicting with, my lawset?
The Non-human Seccie: I mean yeah he did open a door for me after I asked nicely.
The rest of SEC, collectively squinting in suspicion : A.I. state laws…

I think you can imagine the rest.


It’d been a good while since I played borg too so I didn’t have state laws in my top right tabs like im used to so I just had to say hold up while I find it which just made him MORE suspect.

I was giving people relationship advice after installing an rp-only “agony aunt module” and had my laws wiped by Markus before, lol.

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