Ashlie Johnson player report

In-game report:

   Title: Ashlie Johnson  Player Report

   Your Discord:Naevi

   Offender’s CKEY:no idea

   LRP or MRP server:MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Ashlie Johnson 

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):05-16-2020

   Round Number:15989

   Rules Broken: "Murdering people to test if their brain goes in an MMI on MRP and LRP is banned due to it being incredibly meta and entrusting Heads of Staff the power to kill anybody along with being easy to abuse.",

   Incident Description:So basically, our original CMO went ssd few minutes after getting track implant, and bz checked. i put him into cryo, took over his role, so medical department could have a head, after i did that, i said over comms that cmo went ssd. 

Later on, i get arrested by HoS because i dont have tracking implant, and" i am ling". Hos refused to listen, saying “you think i am that dumb”. The problem with this incident was we both were blue ethereals. Our names however were diffrent. and HoS thought i took over his body.

HoS ling check me with mmi which is not allowed on MRP, and then was very surprised i could use it.
when getting arrested i tried to explain situation, i didnt run, i said he should check medical records in order to see that i am in fact looking very similar.

Edit. tldr: Basically HoS didnt bother checking medical records, and assumed i must be ling.
Plus, she said she used mmi because there is no bz and ordering one takes forever.

As a sec main I’d like to point out that the MMI method is sometimes the only way to check for lings and the responsibility for it going wrong (innocent person doesn’t get revived and so on) should be on the HoS if they allowed it.

At maximum this is note worthy if admins REALLY insist on enforcing that rule, however I believe that circumstances can be attenuating.

@YuriVitch You’re Ashlie, right?

This was already dealt with by me in round.

I didn’t get any message, and then seen there is no Admins online so I decided to make this report because I find it strongly unfair and dumb from such important role.

The whole Ling check wouldn’t have to happen if hos checked medical records and acknowledge there is more ethereals than one.

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