Artifacts mission too Hard/Impossible to complete

This has been stated before by other exploration players, but the fact that the artifacts attacks can be triggered through walls and no line of sight.
Sometimes (im not sure if this is a bug or not using the science shuttle) the doors on your own shuttle can be a activation point of where the attack comes from, even if you are parked far enough away to not trigger any attacks or agro.

The fact that multiple can spawn in a small area is disgusting, I’ve had 6 artifact mobs in a small room plus an normal artifact item on top of the mob hiding it.

Its not worth doing later on and not worth doing early due to the insanely high risk + possible instant end/TPK of the run after 7min since round start.

I’m not sure what the algorithm is used when spawning them however but a nice solution might be to;

  • Decrease the frequency of them spawning

  • Decreasing the range of the aoe attacks

  • Require artifacts to have line of sight when triggering attacks

  • Decrease their health

  • OR adding better visual indicators much like the hard to see pressure plates (clock mob type missions) to see traps or areas that would trigger attacks or something like a perimeter line (like the ones for borgs) to see their range of agro.

These are the current solutions I can think of on the spot, these mobs are basically mini easier Pandoras.
Its the quantity and inability to prepare for them is what makes them insanely hard especially if you have really bad rng and run into a whole lot of them in a small space.
The fact that many explorers still refuse to do the mission even though the artifacts discovery points are nice is really saying something.
What I do is park as far as I can and scan 1 or 2 artifact mobs then immediately leave and fail the mission on purpose, its just not worth it even with my shitty cheese strat sometimes because a bad room with alot of them can almost instantly take you down to either crit or super low early in the round.

Emp artifacts existing don’t really help with the situation as they are even worse plus the fact that it has a higher spawn rate due to the increased spawn rates of normal artifacts.

I mostly want to know if the balancing people know whats going on with exploration, since I’m the only one which I know of so far who is actually doing the mission and checking if anything changed for the past weeks and nothing noticeable.

Its just sad to watch other explorers absolutely hating the idea being iffy about it or refusing completely and threatening me to not pick it.

I’m hoping for something like a visual addition for the agro range or something to really hone in to show that something has changed to the other explorers.