Arrfur banned by WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

CKEY: Arrfur

Admin’s CKEY: WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Not specified so I assume LRP only

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 3 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-01-28

Round ID: 11995

Ban Reason: “Threw CMO into an infinite disposals loop for walling off sci. Let a traitor who was attacking both of them get away in order to do so.”

Appeal Reason:
Firstly, the ban reason is straight up false. I’ll provide a timeline of events which the logs will support
-CMO is wrecking windows for no reason with a fireaxe
-I, the RD, take the fireaxe
-CMO grabs an RCD and completely walls off science
-Sometime later, I hear over comms that the CMO was being killed in caps.
-I see someone with a spear running out and attempt to pursue, he flashed me and escaped (I did not ““let him escape””, nor was the traitor attacking us both, cmo was already dead on arrival)
-I then clone the CMO, and then lock them in a disposals loop as detention for being clearly batshit insane because of what they did earlier.

Additional Information:
I don’t know if the CMO was lying to caecilius in ahelps or what, but thats ban reason is so, so wrong. It implies that I was aiding antags when I went out of my way to clone the CMO and pursue the attacker?

CMO gay, nuff said.

fuck, why is there still a text minimum.

Caecillius retarded :flushed:
Unban he he chad


You literally say, in chat, that the traitor is cool and that he can go because he killed me. You did the same thing the previous round to the RD as well where you steal from him, cuff him, disposal him and when he gets out you spaced him as non-antag. You did this because he was “wasting points”. You only cloned me because the borg was gonna do it anyway. Putting someone in an infinite disposals loop isn’t a response to vandalism anyway.

Jannies mad, jannies seething?

Why you smashing shit up and walking of Science for?


completely walling off a department
Try sabotage lol

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This was the main entrance only. There are eight other doors into sci that were left alone.

Then your ban reason is wrong bruh…


@RodBoward I said that I wouldnt chase AFTER he flashed me and escaped off into maint somewhere, logs back that up.

I think jannies mad they got punished for wrecking shit n being a shitter. be an example for the community, not ruin it xx

Also you’re bringing up stuff thats tottally unreltated and (again) wrong? I was a scientist and trapped the RD because they ran up and started battoning me out of the blue and made themselves valid by threatening ahelps IC and saying stuff like “i’m recording this”. Nothing about “wasting points”. again logs will support this, please dont just spout stuff you dont know about mkay?

so tl;dr
-Caecilius’ only argument was “it was only the main entrance”
-RodBoward brought up and entirely different scenario and is just false, he was also admining that round so if he had a problem with what i was doing, surely he would have said something about it then instead of tucking it away for when its convenient, right?

pretty weak, my ban reason is just false and so is the argument for it, unban when?


again, fair if true

you have no obligation to help someone who is being a cuck, as long as you don’t actively aid the antagonist

So we got badmins sucking each other off
I don’t see any reason for a ban accept maybe the disposal loop thing, BUT IT wasn’t putting him perma out of the game

As I was the person who disassembled both loops I just wanted to add that that it wasn’t only a prison but a psychological torturing device (since he put multiple electronic devices that were constantly spamming some emagged medibot lines) and a trap. First loop was at least located in enclosed science department but even there 2 players popped out when I unwelded pipes. One person was the intended target but another one was some random scientist who has fallen in and as it turns out Arrfur was aware of that all the time, he just stated that he didn’t care that his device took random person out of round and he won’t bother with disassembling it to take someone out.
I the next round, the one this ban is about, loop was built in departures (on Box, by the end of long straight hallway) with chute facing the direction of the hallway so potentially anyone could walk in by mistake as they were running, it was not only set in that direction and not secured in any way (by for example piece of glass or wall or airlock) but there was inscription ‘FUN’ with arrows pointing at chute written with red crayon in front of it. It was literally prepared to catch random and unaware people.

Honestly, the loop is a bit too much, even ignoring their body form cloning is better than that.

That’s still 5 minute max major offense. It doesn’t make you valid. He made sure to handcuff me right after he cloned me to throw me in the loop. He’s a head of staff, he has access to the brig. At any point, he could have put me in jail.

It was maybe 3 to 5 tiles in front of one the airlocks. At least the first one was in science.

Smashing/walling off shit makes you valid in the way your valid to be fucked with, and depending what you smash/wall off can make you valid entirely.
If this was not the case, people could frying oil every material and every gun in the armory, and science and not fear immediate retribution

He’s a head of staff, he has access to the brig. At any point, he could have put me in jail.

Heads have access to security, but not access to brig or brig timers.

Also I want to point out for the record, I can guarantee you there wouldnt be this much of a fuss if I just put them in perma. So tell me why you are getting so upset that I placed you in an easier to escape from area? Is it the novelty of “its a loop!! wtf!!”. I permenantly detained you for griefing. Man up. I also like how you drag the appeal process on for pretty much the same amount of time as the ban instead.

I’m gonna say it again, You’re an admin. be an example for the community I’m sure if someone went around destroying windows and closing off departments they’d be bwoinked, so why is it ok for you to do it, and why am I punished for stopping that?

quit being the reason bee has a reputation for shit admins :slight_smile:

(edit: been told im not allowed to have memes :frowning: )

After some consultation, the view was pretty unanimous to lift this.

Sorry for the trouble.