ARMA-192 Metagaming report

Joe told me to reply again under the same thread, but
CKEY: No_Originality

Your Discord: no_originality

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Arma-192

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-01-19

Round Number:47405

Rules Broken: rule 14: Metagaming

Incident Description: Following up on this report. (again) Upon being revived from death, ARMA instantly attempted to arrest me not once, but twice, with other officers and a doctor telling him both IC to quit it and LOOCl’y reminding him about the 5 minute rule upon revival (which he ignored several times).

Additional Information: He also had several laser guns constantly on him but I don’t really know if it was warranted or not, the HOS and other officers can probably explain it though.

(badly cropped but I was being beaten into submission by a stun baton during the entirety of this)

(I’d also ask Huk and Dakota to testify if they’re here)


If this was the rad round, I was also a security officer here. I was in maints looking for materials. I see him running with a baton on hand, hitting the HoS once, he backs off. Arma then proceeds to find me across the corned and starts batonging me wordlessly. I guess I was being arrested?

He dragged me around eventually said “oh you’re not Miriam” and let me go.

I was so offended I resigned :japanese_ogre:


Yeah, I was the officer trying to remind him. I had no reason to arrest you and they woke up and INSTANTLY stod up, insulted you and tried to arrest you. I took it as they were mentally wounded to some capacity and tried to break up the aggression. Eventually, after reminding them over LOOC, they took their baton back and continued chasing you.

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Can do Valentine!

Hey! I’m Huk Nowak, the Brig Physician in the round mentioned, I very much can confirm that yes, ARMA, the Security Officer, apon revival, instantly went up to Cynthia and attempted to arrest them.
Seeing this whole kerfuffle, I also get to remind ARMA of the death-rule via LOOC, and they respond saying “Oh I forgot about that, my bad” or something along the lines.

I wasn’t Cynthia, I was Valentine Beckman, you probably confused our names.
And about the I forgot about that I recall him saying ‘‘I made him so mad that he forgot the rules’’.

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Whoops! It was Cynthia who directed me to this post so I got confused, sorry about that!
Still, all that I’ve said still applies, and can be confirmed via logs.

Accepted here: Arma-192 powergamign report - #39 by Haliris