Arkan Raznatovic Player report

In-game report:

   CKEY: The Maggot Guy

   Your Discord: Yu know it

   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Arkan Raznatovic

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-30-2020

   Round Number: 24557

   Rules Broken: No racial shit, no self antag

   Incident Description: Randomly said shit like "cracka as" and "Don't care whitey", distributed AA, stole dead body from sec, stole at least one unique item for no reason

   Additional Information: not really bannable on its own but definitely shit behavior you don't want on a server

Really gotta provide more details homie, for instance:

  • His antag status
  • Copy and pasted communications logs
  • Details about the AA distribution including but not limited to his job and rationale
  • Station state - were there heads of staff at the time? How did they feel about the AA? Were other people on board with it and partaking? Did he initiate it? Rush it round start?
  • The story behind the dead body from sec
  • What was the unique item and the circumstances of him stealing it? (I’ve picked up hand teleporters of the floor in the primary hallways)

Lotta guesswork for the admins to come to any conclusion without at least some context clues to piece the puzzle together, you know? If you’re reporting someone for general behavior saying they (as a result of their behavior) don’t belong on the server - that’s really serious. Where are the details?

Racial and homophobic slurs are not permitted.

ban him like you banned the gamers in the first nword riot

not antag

[Common] [Arkan Raznatovic (Assistant)](?src=[mob_523];track=Arkan Raznatovic) says, “IM GOING TO TARD WRANGLE YOU ALL.”

[Common] [Arkan Raznatovic (Assistant)](?src=[mob_523];track=Arkan Raznatovic) says, “IM UNKILALBLE.”

The Fantastic Mr. O.R.I.O.N. shell 955 - Janitor states, “Do nto shoot me.”

Arkan Raznatovic says, “I will.”

Arkan Raznatovic says, “DONT CARE.”


Arkan Raznatovic says, “WHITEY.”

gave it to someone he was hanging out with, for no reason He was assistant, the guy he gave it to was “head of music” so idk, but people said he (head of music) had earlier shot the cap. Neither were antag.

not sure how he got the AA as I was midjoin AI. other people kept randomly getting AA but I’m not sure how. Yes there were other heads including a legitimate captain, but nobody cared because lrp.

sec guy was dragging around a dead body of the guy who supposedly shot cap, (but I think was just memeing tbh). he stole the body and cloned it. Not sure what the sec was going to do. bad guy here may have thought he was going to burn it.

cap’s armor. presumably he broke into cap’s locker and stole it.

tbh this is mostly all worth a note so if he keeps it up he gets looked into, like I said not really worth a ban on its own.

edit: my logs only covered half the round unfortunately

Curious why there’s no note for any of this then, because I’ve already confirmed most of this report. Can’t finish working on it any time soon though.

Stolen AA is a valid reason for sec to pursue

Interesting claim which will be looked into, especially considering certain very recent issues.

Bonus note
Hand Tele is considered a unique item and should not be taken by non-antags other than Captain/RD

Will finish dealing with this later when I have more time. Thought this would be a quick one and I was wrong.

I killed em because they were both infected and just standing about being infectious. Also because one of them was his and I didn’t want him to just yeet out if sec finally caught up to him (not sure how the slimebodies work tho)

new trialmin was the only person willing to even touch lrp, probably made a newcomers mistake or something

h ttps:// delete the space in start to see the fucking picture because it doesnt let me emb

here also i didnt take any hand tele that round or any other unique item only the one the captains hardsuit which he fucking didnt mind me having it

killing slime body of penwin and me which had disease of just sneezing is a big over reaction
and i didnt know that brick had aa i only realized it after cloning him and stripping his old body of his items

That do be true. File a player report with the details. This isn’t the first time themaggotguy has been trying to find reasons to kill non-humans as asimov and he is fresh off a ban for the exact same reason.

Why wasn’t the fact that @Pat-Rick reviewed this case during the round mentioned at all in your report or the follow up details? You know his ruling in-round is final and you have to report him and his ruling if you have a problem with it. It’s Rule #1.

Furthermore, why didn’t you mention your direct interaction with this player, namely that you griefed this guy and the other scientist as the AI killing their slimebodies?

Absolutely looks like this was made in bad faith out of a personal grudge given how many crucial details you omitted and that seem to continually trickle into the thread. You know better than this, you applied to be an admin. Is this really how you behave after coming off a ban you received for trying to ruin people’s rounds because of the IC race they picked? Trying to ban bait someone you griefed for the same reason that you’re fresh of a ban for? Maybe Nico was acting badly but goddamn dude.

Not quite correct, if you disagree with an admin’s ruling you file a player report just as Maggot did - the rule states that its final for the round so admins can get back to adminning that round rather than arguing case law for 20 minutes while tickets continue to stack up.

  • Treat the admin like they’re correct for the round
  • Player report if you disagree with the admin’s interpretation
  • Admin report if admin conduct was breached (such as suspecting the “misinterpretation” was actually just bias)

We’re critical enough of each other for consistent misinterpretations to result in action if necessary without being an admin report.

But yes, it definitely would have been nice to know someone had attempted to handle it already before getting to that point in the logs

Captain armor is not an antag objective and is not a teleporter, so no foul play.
Racial stuff bad, cant argue.
Distributed aa was largely disproven down below i think? Anyways its not that much of an issue since assistant.
Stole dead body from sec - explained below and honestly i dont see any problems with that, sec shouldve just executed arkan and his new friend afterwards.

The ruling about AA distribution applies to everyone now, not just heads. Cae updated it at the beginning of November.
in any case, looking at logs again now

You definitely have the hand teleporter in the logs, but due to the circumstances (and limited logging capability in this regard), I’m going to give you a pass on it.

As far as the captain’s carapace is concerned, I don’t think anyone is bothered by uniform pieces since they are neither vital for the job nor required by antagonists. I’ll discuss that with other admins, but I’m 90% sure they’re outside the scope of the intention behind telling players not to touch unique items. Especially since acting captain nearly always takes the captain’s cloak and nuke disk

As for the mixture of filter bypass and racial slurs, it’s the first warning so that’s all it’ll be per procedure. Bans will escalate from here if it happen again.

Report Processed.