Are you having fun?

  • I always have fun
  • I haven’t had fun in a long time
  • what is “fun”?

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be honest

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Having fun with what?


ok you were really asking for it here and I could not resist saying it but… your mom


Very vague, and ominous, question

I think he is asking if we are having fun without him.

In that case, yes. Mainly because i have literally never met you in game ever.


bruh what a shitty poll, there is no “sometimes i have fun, sometimes i don’t”

Recently curcuits were gutted, aswell as i discovered a much more fun atmos gas list outside of bee, but for the most part i still enjoy being both the antag and normal crew.

I prefer sec now though

Oh? Where is it?


I think he is saying he found a codebase with a gas list he likes?

btw why dont we have freon?

I know what he was saying thats why i asked where.

Also because we dont keep up with /tg/

Having fun?
Not on my watch you are.


Why is there a redirect link on our wiki then?

Because the wiki is a nightmare.

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