Are we gonna have the goon rp antags?


I can’t definitively answer, but I’d wager a yes.

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Yes. They’re in the code and rotation on Clover.

What exactly do you mean by (shudders) an RP antag?

Goon servers have two different configs: rp server config and the normal server config. As far as i can tell the only difference is that rp antag list does not include nuke, but DOES include spy theft, which is basically contractor but with traitor objectives for random gear.

Goon has a second version of the secret mode called intrigue, which has some unique antags with RP objectives, as well as a lower chance of big flashy modes.

It’s really just a giant BB team with a gimmick objective.

To some of you unfamiliar with goon, “less flashy modes” probably sounds like a downside. But consider goonmed. Simply being in crit for too long makes you require surgery. Goon surgery requires you to swap intents mid surgery on top of using tools. Cloning is not only slow but cramped as hell on most maps. There is also no such thing as suit sensors.

When you get sent in crit on goon you better damn hope the doctors are still alive. Big flashy modes usually involve being sent in crit a bunch.

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