Are the fact that directional windows ignore atmos changes an exploit, or a feature? (Vote)

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  • Yes, windows are coded to break due to heat on their tile, but directional windows bypass that
  • Yes (Other)
  • Maybe, Not Sure
  • Yes, if the player does it knowingly, but not an exploit for the map makers to use.
  • No, The SM does it roundstart
  • No (Other)

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There are numerous places on station (such as the SM, or the catwalks at the AI sat) that use windows connected to extreme tempuratures, when they are coded to take damage at high heat.

In my opinion it is an exploit but at this point it’s part of the meta to where it shouldn’t be treated the same way as other exploits, even more so considering a large majority of people aren’t aware it was unintended.
I’d like to see windows actually work properly though.

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The point is the SM can do it round start because plasma glass is immune to fire.

The SM usually doesn’t even get hot enough for it to really matter anyway.
Unless either you fuck up or are a bored engineer.

directional windows are literally just a fulltile window that doesnt have the density trait on 3 of its sides. if it were to break then any plasma flood would instantly break windows and then destroy the entire station instead of just some areas.

Would it even have enough strength in it to do that?

Actually even in the case of fusion gas, uhhhh. I have theories but I actually really want to see someone do this

The thing about this is that windows are supposed to be being exposed to heat that isn’t on their tile, and have this tested against their heat resistance.

It’s just that function has been busted since 2014.


I couldn’t have said this better.

There’s a difference between an exploit that breaks the balance of the game (free, no effort, no risk resource generation) and one that makes little sense but doesn’t actually have any impact on the end result (glass panes vs holofans for instance)

It’s like bunnyhopping. It’s an exploit that has become a feature.

Also shut up.


yeah IMO this seems like an exploit in the same vein as Quake’s rocket jumping

“exploit” = fun for some people

fun is explicitly against the rules you scum


Did someone unironically vote for this?

apparently 4 people did.

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The question is “Are directional windows this or this?”
The answers are “yes/no”

If directional windows being immune to heat on surrounding tiles is an exploit then fulltile windows being immune to heat on surrounding tiles is also an exploit.
If windows being immune to heat on surrounding tiles is an exploit then all the maps will have to be redone with that in mind and the heat interaction between adjacent tiles will have to be redone.
I do not expect it to be done any time soon, if ever.
It was used in mapping close to forever.
It has become meta to use this mechanic of heat propagation.
So at this point it has become a feature.



Or the heat resistance values adjusted in accordance.

The way atmos code has changed has made it annoyingly difficult, yes.

For all intents and purposes, more like a lack of one.

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if you commented this I don’t think you understand what tile the glass is on lol. fulltile and directional windows are almost the same except they have different sprites and directional ones don’t have density on 3 sides. The only reason directional ones are used is because it takes up less room and they are faster to make. Plasma glass just has higher health but breaks at like 25k or something.


So should admins be expected to manually break all windows around a room on fire? So that this “exploit” does not restrict the harm caused by random (or not so random) fires?

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The code needs to be fixed.

This isn’t the fault of the players or the responsibility of the admins to enforce.