Are antagonists allowed to be "assholes"

To what extend is an antagonist allowed to pull mean pranks on regular crew.

Should a changeling be allowed to mass spam transformation sting crew?
Should a traitor be allowed to trick crew into using the reverse syndicate revolver?
Should a regular antagonist allowed to spill acid on crew so their jumpsuit will fall apart?

I feel like if we dont make clear boundaries now, that this will end up in a grey area where the enforcment will change from admin to admin

Antagonists player should roleplay when they are playing a role/character that allows for it, to me that is the root of the issue. An antagonist’s role is to antagonize, create conflict. The problem is with people who don’t roleplay and just use their extra permissions to act like dicks.

Someone who mass transforms sting everyone and just does it because “funny” will be chastized for poor RP.
Someone who transforms sting everyone because they are running a gimmick where their character believes that they are perfect and that the entire universe should only be them, (Ego or The Horatio for instance), will get a pass or even encouraged, because in that scenario they create opportunities for fulfilling interactions with players, aka making the round interesting.

The issue isn’t if antags are allowed to be assholes, the issue is players not properly converting antag tools to roleplaying potential.

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Here’s one of my more recent notes. "Warned for violating rule 7… Warned about this behavior, as being an antagonist clown does not mean you get to be an asshole."

So no, you’re not allowed to be an antagonistic antagonist accordin to my notes

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It says it in the rules. “Ruining other peoples round” is a little vague though.

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That is closer to “do not grief because you’re antagonist.” Simply that can cover most situations.
You can ruin their round but it should be still RP-ing and most importantly “be interesting.”
Or, I mean, “other people” will be who aren’t related to you.

A murder will rarely be interesting for the murdered player in the moment (especially with our combat), but it can be engaging for the others who come along after depending on the circumstances.


You’re Obsessed

Your target is the chaplain
Some devout assistant has been spending too much time with the chaplain
They decide to “volunteer” themselves as a sacrifice
Make a scene of their “devotion” to the gods to get closer to chaplain
Get called out on being crazy
Profit (but also probably get killed at some point)

The assistant probably didn’t have a good time unless they just like observing anyway, but everyone else who gets involved does.

Alot of rules are left vague on the wiki to “promote roleplay” but i find they can be too ambigous at times.

Earlier this month I was doing another Mid-pop HoS round, I was on my way back to sec when I run into a firelocked section. I enter via ID swipe after realizing it was to cordon off a changeling clown.
This clownling thought “Identity swap sting is the best joke and I will recklessly use it in all scenarios.” que combat, que Identity change on Le Kalavi Lumen to some cat-girl.

The ling did not survive the encounter and this was pretty early round, they’d done this to about 3 other people and all it really did was cause a brief confusion as to who was who. Other than that the situation was normal aside from the fact that we knew lings were afoot.

While personally I can see and understand the deception uses and some other potential of the Identity changing sting, I don’t agree with the use or the timing of its use and quite frankly it only soured the ol’ Kalavi mood to say the least.

this whole thread can be viewed similarly to the previous view of SEC and the persons regularly playing SEC.

An officer is expected to fulfill their job, but also roleplay, which means finding a middle ground in talking to people and attempting to apply the red text.