Archanial Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Archanial

Your Discord: Mista Nailbrain#9048

How long have you been playing ss13?: One year.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Noone probably.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I know most of departaments, can make maxcaps (although new atmos messed them up a bit), nanites. Besides low hours on medbay I know it well too (it’s not so diffent from old tg, after all). Can make borgs, surgeries and other medical/robotics stuff.
The only areas where I lack experience are botany and xeno.
hours on bee:

hours on tg (not sure if they matter):

0.5+, you have good hours on /tg/, but on beestation they are a bit lacking. I understand that you have a lot of hours on /tg/, but there are a lot of differences in the code with beestation. I believe that you should play a bit more on beestation.

Do you know how to set SM and other engines up? What about botany?

I know SM pretty well (can do custom loops, co2 setups, controlled delams and other stuff). I think I remember how to setup singulo. Tesla is not too complicated either. I never messed up with TEG though.
About botany. As you can see I have very few hours as botanist (or the lavaland lifebringer) for a reason. I only know the basiec botany. I can grow, feed nutriton and water to plants just fine, but I never mutated plants and played with their genes.

It looks good with tg playtime but as was said before, you should play on Bee a little longer before becoming meteor.


I agree with Mat05usz you gotta play some more on Bee


+0 tg hours are fine but you need to play some more on bee

Moving in to deny this now, even with a technically positive score.

Get a bit more time on our station and re-apply later if you’d still like to mentor here.