Archanial admin report "take the L"

In-game misconduct:

Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Admin/Mentor Report

CKEY:  manateeb

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Archanial (admin), Folrick (Brenda Pennington)

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Brenda Pennington

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2 / 25 / 2021

Round Number: 27,397

Rules Broken (if relevant): MRP antag conduct

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Refused to punish an antag who broke conduct, refused to compensate an antag who had their round ruined via a glitch and broken rules  

Incident Description: 

I was apart of a 3 person BB team, as the QM. I spent most of the round just chilling in my office, waiting for things to go down and keeping in contact with my team. Eventually I decided to grab a spare explorer suit and see what I could find that might help in the end, and I managed to find a Hivelord who I then briefed on the situation, 2 allies and 3 targets. We go back to the station and walk around for a bit, debating with my teammates who we should go after and idly looking for a station engineer-- then I suddenly pass by a clown mech being shot down by the Captain and like 4 Security members. I walked up to the Captain like a few feet away as security piled on the clown, said “What the fuck” to him, and was then abruptly turned into a Corgi by a botanist who then pulled out a deathnettle and 1 shot’d me before I could ever move.

Here’s where it gets tricky, my body returns to its human form for a second but I’m stuck in ghost mode and being told that my body is catatonic, meanwhile my Hivelord is wondering why I’m just standing there letting the botanist continue to deathnettle me before security finally got him. At this point, my catatonic body is on fire or something and I turn to dust because of the hivelord. The botanist, in dchat, is then bragging that it was because I was attacking his BB, who apparently was in the clown mech.

Like you’ll find in the logs, I didn’t ever hit, shove, or do anything to the clown or his mech, my Hivelord never once even manifested, and nobody had any reason to ever suspect me as an antag since I literally hadn’t had the chance to do ANYTHING yet. Well obviously I ahelp’d and my first response from Archanial was just “You got killed by deathnettle”… Gee, how helpful. Well after a bit he finally gets to admitting this is a game issue and I should report it as such, well alright I say but what about the matter of the botanist antag who broke BB conduct to murderbone and the fact that I just had an antag round unfairly ruined. “Game bugged out, create issue report, I cant do anything” is all I get from a response, with him actually insisting I wasn’t murdered… At that point, I point out that my killer, is LITERALLY in dchat, both bragging about the murder and defending it, still saying that he did it because I was attacking his BB (again, look at the fuckin logs), and then this is the final message I get at ALL on the matter:

Admin PM from-Archanial: Still killing one person is not murderboning. Just take the L.

I’m sorry WHAT. I’ve been given antag tokens in the past for stands that didn’t follow directions and therefor unfairly got me dusted, as well as glitches during ling rounds that weren’t even gamebreaking-- here we’ve got a clear issue of BOTH those things, with a full admin refusing to do anything for anyone, as well as refusing to punish an OBVIOUS rule breaker. MRP rules on antag conduct haven’t allowed BB to kill anyone but their target or security unprovoked in like a year now, if I did that to anyone I’d be getting bwoinked for it instantly, the fact that he’s somehow insisting it’s okay because its JUST A LIL murderbone concerns me even more. Dude didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with this approach, at this point I’m taking this to the forums just so I can get him to actually try and rationlize why he thought any of that was okay on MRP. Obviously I think Brenda should get at least some kind of punishment for breaking antag conduct but I’m far more concerned about a full admin’s way of handling this.

Additional Information:

Some things because I know I’ll end up having to fucking reiterate a million things: no, I did not ever attack anyone (besides megafauna) the entire shift, nor did I openly communicate with the other traitors, nor did my hivelord ever reveal himself or speak to anyone, nor did I do anything to Brenda or the clown, nor did any of my teammates do anything to implicate me to ANYONE, and lastly no I was not the botanist’s target at all.

I saved logs from the whole incident just incase, problem is… the whole thing pretty much occured in 15 seconds so not much is recorded, but you can at least see I was completely passive in that situation and did nothing to warrant being killed

Getting killed by another antag (perhaps mistakenly) does not murderbone make.

He was somehow made catatonic from being killed, Either kill baiting, Or he deserves an antag token, Either way, Somebody go check the logs

You Ahelped asking “how did I die?” what did you expect?

Game bugged out, you were showing up as a corgi, you got dusted thus permanently deleted from the the round.

I really don’t care, killing one person is not murderboning and judging by what he was saying he had a reason to kill you.

I can’t give out antag tokens for game bugs or crashes. Only headmins can.


You should not have been given anything more than antag rep per policy. Outside of very special circumstances, tokens are only given for when an admin directly ruins your antag round.

You were killed by an antag, and one kill is not murderbone. They thought you were part of the force attacking their BB and you were caught in unfortunate circumstances, but the kill is not murderbone just because they were misinformed.

There is no admin conduct breach here at all. Having awarded you a token would have been an admin conduct breach on the other hand.

If it is verifiable that you had your round ruined by a bug specifically, the. I’d say you could use some antag rep though.

I think he’s implying that the guy was lying and just looked for an excuse to kill him?

if he punished that antag who killed you, he would be accused of adminbus :confused:
also killing 1 person isnt murderbone, sometimes you just die

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Quoting myself and denying + locking this now. There was no conduct breach here, nor was the situation misjudged by the looks of things.

Being killed by antags is something that can happen to you, even if you’re an antag yourself.