Arbalezt Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: Arbalezt Player Report
   CKEY: BurgerBB

   Your Discord: Burger#3948

   Offender’s CKEY: Arbalezt

   LRP or MRP server: MRP (Sage)

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Phyllis Wentzel

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Febuary 2nd, 2020

   Round Number: 12111

   Rules Broken: Self-antagging(?)

   Incident Description: In their attempt to secure valids, they ended up killing an innocent. I joined 5 minutes before the shuttle was called. I went to departures, escaping phoron fires and whatnot. A janitor then said "I'm sorry" then tried to kill people with a dsword. With the help of others, we managed to toolbox them and kill them with their own esword when the shuttle got here. During this time, I announced that the janitor was rogue on comms, and at the time of their death, I said that they were killed. While trying to repair a breach in the shuttle to prevent others without eva protection on from dying, Phyllis Wentzel walks into the shuttle and magdumps me without a word using an M1911, and then loots my body and attempted to throw me out the airlock. I assumed they were traitor, but it turns out that they weren't and they were trying to look for valids. I asked in OOC when the round ended what the deal was, and they said that said that the person I killed was my target and that I could've been a traitor.

Sorry for the delay. I will look into this today or tomorrow.

Hey sorry for the delay, had to cram plan a DnD session and run it yesterday. Ultimately going with IC situation and misunderstanding.

Here is what I see. You robust a desword weilder with a toolbox, then perform the coup de grace with the esword.

[2020-02-02 08:08:36.075] ATTACK: BurgerBB/(Bar Shaleez) has attacked XtremeSavageXD/(Solomon Martin) with emergency toolbox (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -28.9) (Emergency Shuttle (105, 63, 2))
[2020-02-02 08:08:43.131] ATTACK: BurgerBB/(Bar Shaleez) has attacked XtremeSavageXD/(Solomon Martin) with double-bladed energy sword (Wielded) (INTENT: HARM) (DAMTYPE: BRUTE) (NEWHP: -77.4) (Departure Lounge (106, 65, 2))

People continue calling out the desword after you kill them.

[2020-02-02 08:09:05.394] SAY: Phazer/(Video) “he has a desword” (Abandoned Ship Cargo Bay (32, 114, 2))
[2020-02-02 08:09:08.199] SAY: Phazer/(Video) “in departures” (Abandoned Ship Cargo Bay (32, 114, 2))

Phyllis kills you, saying you were chasing them with a desword. Regardless of if you were actually chasing them, you had the traitor weapon out at end of round shuttle when murderer with desword had been called out.

[2020-02-02 08:10:24.834] ATTACK: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Wentzel) has shot BurgerBB/(Bar Shaleez) with .45 bullet (NEWHP: -100) (Emergency Shuttle (101, 63, 2))
[2020-02-02 08:13:59.930] OOC: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Wentzel) “Sorry man, he was chasing me with the DEsword.” (CentCom Docks (183, 76, 1))
[2020-02-02 08:14:08.879] OOC: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Wentzel) “I figured he was traitor.” (CentCom Docks (183, 76, 1))
[2020-02-02 08:14:37.747] OOC: Arbalezt/(Phyllis Wentzel) “YOu announced that you killed somebody, that might have been your target for all I know.” (CentCom Docks (183, 76, 1))

I am generally much more lenient on aggressive sec enforcement if they have strong evidence at/around shuttle at end of round due to the chaotic nature of everything.

I’ll leave the thread opened for a day for more questions/discussions.

Uhhhh none of what you’re saying actually happened. The dude lied.

  1. I did not chase him. At all. I was in the corner, repairing a broken shuttle wall. He came up to me, without any questions, and unloaded his gun into me.

  2. I announced SEVERAL TIMES that the dude with the dsword was dead.

  3. I did not have a dsword out. If I actually did, he’d be dead. Just think about that for a moment. If I had a dsword out, and he shot me point blank range with a .45, he wouldn’t be living, yes?

  4. The dude validhunted. I did not attack him. I did not engage with him. The people on the shuttle knew this because they were fighting over my dead body as they were trying to space it.

Please re-examine the evidence.

Like hold on. Who is saying that I had a traitor weapon out? Your ruling seems to be based on that.

That’s the point. How would they know you had it? You didn’t announce you took it. I checked for that. I don’t know if you chased them, I specifically said that. Announcing you killed someone are just words, and should hold less weight than if you were carrying a desword when someone was announced to be killing with a desword.

No one else got blasted with a .45, so something must have tipped them off. I need more input from people on the shuttle or Phyllis themselves.

I just saw this thread randomly on the discord, it’s a pretty old round but here’s what I remember:

I was in evac and I was being chased by somebody on a janitor cart around, I didn’t seem to be the main target but rather he was just murderboning people that he could catch.

I try to get on the shuttle, again some dude on a jani cart tells me no and to get out. I eventually make it on the shuttle alongside some other people, he then proceeds to slice some guy up, then proclaims “Peace on earth” or something along those lines. Which to me sounded like a “Ok, I got my objective done, I won’t kill the rest of you”.

That shuttle had a gun in one of the compartments, I took it and I shot the guy I thought was traitor. But again, I might have been mistaken because the main 3 things that I remembered were the DESword, janicart and somebody getting murdered on the shuttle, I based my decision to kill the guy on those.

Also, I don’t think I was sec that shift? I usually go for the non-lethal stuns when I have the equipment.

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Due to being killed while having a desword, and Arbalezt claiming in the round he did it because you had a desword, I am going to close this out. Sometimes confusion leads to wrong killings, its part of the game. As long as the killer had justifiable cause to to do it, it is an IC issue.