Appeal for a perm ban banned by by MiniMeatwad


**Admin’s CKEY:**MiniMeatwad

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**its for both Golden and Sage.

**Ban Type:**server bann

**Ban Length:**Permanent.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-08-27

**Round ID:**6563

**Ban Reason:**No intent to play calls admins niger in adminhelp wont respond as to why he was killing people on arrivals shuttle.

**Appeal Reason:**Oh boy its been a year how time flies well so what hapened was i spawned in as an non antag i think the shuttle didnt have power i dont remember so basicly i saw this SSD security gaurd he was logged off i could see it by examening him so i took that as an advantage and i killed him and took his stuff and the shuttle was opened and i think i was arested i dont remember but when that happened MiniMeatwad the admin messaged me and asked why did i do that and i decided isntead of explaining my actions i used the racial slur Niger wich was very rude i not only killed a person as an nonantag i also diserespected and admin by calling him a niger so its been a year and i have learned my leasson i have read the rules i apologise for what i did killing an loged of player is bad beacuse when they die and log one theyre dead i ruined somones game for my selfish reason of i wanted to get sec stuff wich i could have probably asked security for if i have a valid reason to get sec stuff like ( armor guns helment ect.) i woudnt be whriting this appeal if it wasnt for me killing a player but in that case i should have been respectful to MiniMeatwad instead of insulting him and any admin for that matter i aplogise to MiniMeatwad and the player i killed i ruined the players day so i have read the rules and i have learned my leason and i know this is late Happy new year.

Additional Information: i broke rule 1 be exellent to each other and rule 2 of validity and rule 5 of ahelp ticket conduct.(Ps if my grammar is bit of im aoeey english is not my native langauge.)

He used the n word

The horror

I’ll be taking this and unbanning you.