Appeal for a joban whyiscaceiliustaken


**Admin’s CKEY:**whyiscaceiliustaken

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**sage

**Ban Type:**jobann

**Ban Length:**7 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-01-27

**Round ID:**11675

**Ban Reason:**BoH bombed RnD as a nonantag beacuse the shuttle had docked

**Appeal Reason:**Im sorry for what i did i just thought it was few seconds and the crew was gonna leave but that dosent mean i can do it i remember now you can only do that kind of stuff when the shuttle has reached centcom and the score shows up im sorry i should have remembered it but i have learned my leasson in these few days and im sorry and i shoudnt have done that i acknowladge my mistake and im.

**Additional Information:**the jobs im banned from are Reaserch Director,.Scientist,Robotocist.(i broke the rule 1 of be exelent to each other and the self antaging rule.)

and im sorry for misspeling the admins name if i did.



Taking a look, I discovered that you’ve been permanently banned on Paradise (once), TG (once) and goon (three times).

Can you explain this?

yhea that hapened sorry man i will just wait through my ban

and i wanted to get a vouch for my ban from admins so i went to discord and i realised it was my bros profile so i left the server didnt say anyghting good that i realised it was his profile i needed a vouch for the para bann