Apocalypse rune objective for bloodcult

The apocalypse ruin is interesting… and is never used. The only times I’ve seen the rune used was due to unfortunate mistakes from a new player. If it is made as an objective (pre-requisite for being able to inscribe a narsie rune?), then its vast array of disasters would be used and seen a lot more often.

If cult was rolled more often and people were discouraged from relentlessly validhunting cult when halos went up this could work, but until then normal summoning is already hard enough

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cult steamrolls like half the time anyways. this would just be adding some extra things for the surviving noncult crew to worry about.

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Isn’t the apocalypse rune the one where you shoot massive darts of blood that converts everything into cult-tiles and does a shitton of damage? (well it was mega nerfed)

nah, its a nine tile rune. I think it can only be used after narsie objective is dead, and takes up a summoning spot space. after its activated, I think it does some sort of dice roll of bad events.

Oh yeah that rune. I think it’s intended to be used as a last resort when the cult is in its last legs to give them another fighting chance.

shame its never used though. All I see cult use is teleport + empower, sometimes revive. Only nar’sie rune and only apocalypse by mistake.

I agree, the apocalypse rune should be used more often, but the question is “how or if to incentivise it”

Alright, here’s what the wiki says, for clarity:

The nar’sian portal storm i believe it’s simplemob of cult constructs spawning everywhere, i think an admin did it once, very fun and chaotic, but the issue is that the Cult usually prioritizes summoning nar’nar instead of wasting a summon place to make random events, i wonder if those simplemobs are coded to not attack cultists because if not that could play badly for cult, but hey it’s a roll-dice of random events and you only need to be three, could be fun to use to do some shenanigans if a fight is getting stale

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Not to mention, that rune is Kthornic as FUCK so why people don’t use it more is beyond me.

I just saw this rune as a 8 tile shuffle puzzle in lavaland. If complete does it do the same thing? I almost solved it out of curiosity as a strip miner haha.

No, it has a chance to spawn a boss chest or Bubblegum when you complete it.
In fact, Bubblegum uses the same sprite as the rune as its ‘attack indicator’.


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