Apid + Moth naming guidelines for Sage

Moths and Apids need a species naming guideline to follow that isn’t open to individual admin discretion. Current guidelines are easy to follow but bad because the shut out a lot of really good names that sound appropriate to the species but don’t follow the guidelines. Post your ideas here

A couple of examples that suit moths, but don’t suit naming policy would be the surnames Lamplight and Silkworm. Neither are latin, but both suit moths really well - how do you work a policy that allows creative names like this, but doesn’t enable shitters to run wild? The guideline must also not be open to interpretation or discretion or we end up back in square one: Admin 1 says it’s fine, then Admin 2 bwoinks and demands you change it.

I haven’t the foggiest how I’d like to word a moth naming guideline that fits the above criteria

As for Apids - the naming guideline was chosen from the default random names and there was nothing else behind it. It’s clear players have already made their own naming guideline and I’m not about to tell them they’re wrong when the names sound great… but again I need a standardized naming guideline that’s simple to follow and not open to multiple interpretations.

Names heavy with Bs and Zs, but otherwise human sounding in nature.

This seems to be the convention most players have taken. What do others think?

I expect this is going to turn into a dumpster fire, but I’m hoping for the best since I’m sort of at a dead end on ideas myself.

Make it so that the name may hold significant value to that race or person. Lamplight would work because moths love lamps, and an apid could be called honeydew because it loves honey.

If your character has a backstory they could also be named something that’s out of the ordinary. In Skyrim, for example, there was an Argonian (a lizard) with a Khajiit name (felenid like thing). He was found off the coast as a baby by a shipwreck and got adopted by the Khajiit, so was given a different name.
A backstory like this would have you be able to give a human name to a felenid or lizard or a lizard name to a felenid or human. A human hating human called eats-the-humans would come to mind.
Of course, this should not be done to give yourself a name that you want just because you don’t like lizard names while playing as a lizard without rp’ing a backstory even a little bit. If you RP a little with it, then it would be fine.

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sounds cool, but then theres no point in having naming guidelines for different races if every single race could name themselves after any other race, hell you could say you were a human adopted by free-golems and were named flesh forest

Random name feature in the code needs a rewrite too.



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Hahahah flesh forest sounds kinda funny, but no. If you do not RP it like doing a job that golems would realistically do and hold similair value such as the desire for freedom (Maybe you want to abolish perma brig?) then you are not allowed to have that name. If no RP is seen to be happening them warn them about it.
I doubt many will take the effort to RP so I don’t think you will be seeing many people doing it, but the option would be there.
You could also make it not allowed by the rules, but have it so it’s condoned if deemed to be a good reason.

Should follow a theme of moth or related creatures.

Should not reference game mechanics or be otherwise excessively OOC.