Apid Feedback Thread

As the title says. Feedback for the beloved beeple. Ideas welcome but probably should go in suggestions.

what is their superpower

Right now, their dash.

today my apid guard got cellular dmg and we couldnt fix him in cryo idk why

Good idea but the positives are so heavily outweighed by the negatives that I don’t think many people will take them.

That being said, the dash is neat.

yeah i dashed into chemistry like a boss, getting over tables fast is super op

Wait imagine this hop opens window to give out id

bee stuns him with dash
second bee dashes over them and takes aa from console
the tide starts

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Ye, you can do a lot of stuff with that dash. Guy running at you with desword? Dash to knock it off his hands.

yeah people dont know about it yet, but its extremely op if you have backup, exactly as u said any op weapon is useless if a bee just stuns you and the second person takes your weapon and then cucks you.

Non human races are all fetish content


If you play ANY race that isnt human. your a PEDOPHILE


This man is banned from every server but erp servers

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I don’t know why it wouldn’t heal your cellular damage. I think that’s outside of my code.

Right now the positives are outweighed because not all the planned buffs were added. After I decide I’ve collected enough feedback, I’ll be adding the stinger in, hopefully, and maybe some other cool ideas that I come up with by then.

I’m probably going to lightly nerf the table jump so that you either require a longer recharge or move slower for a bit afterwards, although I might just increase the recharge in general.

For our beloved desword-wielders, I’ll probably making it so it just flings both people back, sort of like a baseball bat.

Hopefully Citadel doesn’t port it. :fearful:

20TC racial restricted traitor item
Hive kit…

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Not a bad idea, although apids are probably going to have a lot of traitor items.

On the flip side, I’ve been thinking of an insect war mode between moths and apids.

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I like apids, because they’re not just humans, with one mechanic removed. Like Squids, moffs, and the dreadful IPs…

Honestly they’re kind of just a dumber version of the moth that’s only included because the server is called “bee” station. It sucks because they replaced fly people which were crappy, but still unique, and now you can’t even become a flyperson from the teleporter so I assume they got removed from the code. I probably wouldn’t play them, but my biggest gripe is that they replaced flypeople, and my flyguy was I think my first non-human/not “just me trying to learn the game” character so I don’t like that.

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I don’t really see what’s special about apids, they’re just yellow humans with wings.


Selectable race.

oh shit, I thought they removed it. When they added apids my fly guy was force-made human, and I don’t think I could select “fly” anymore, but maybe I just missed it! this is good news, thanks