Aphielanisn Player Report: Mason Miami special edition

CKEY: EveLed

Your Discord: n/a

Offender’s CKEY: aphielanisn

Offender’s In-Game Name: Mason Miami

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/12/15

Round Number: 46981

Rules Broken: you must roleplay, do your job, be excellent to each other

Incident Description: Mason Miami signs up as the RD. Due to some IC conflict, science is cut off from the ore silo. After a while Mason begins wondering why he’s not getting any mats (despite me having told him). I tell him again that science is cut off from the ore silo. I recommend he goes to talk to talk to the QM about it. He doesn’t. He then continues to complain about not getting any mats. I suggest talking to the QM. Eventually, I begin to talk to Mason. I once again suggest he talks to the QM. He makes a vague remark about “putting the boots down on them” or something. I remind him that he’s a goddamn RD, not a fucking military general. I then tell him that he’s expected to do the job of scientists if they’re not present (I believe the only scientist was jailed) he then tells me to “stop grudging”. After a while I find him patrolling the halls (because for some reason he refuses to stay in science and be an actual RD). I confront him on this and he says that he talked to the QM. But that the problem is that the ore silo is out of power. I tell him that doesn’t solve anything, and then he screams at me to go fix it. I said no and he begins to hit me with his telescopic baton. He then tells me I’m lucky I’m not spaced, and how annoying I am. Over command comms he calls me the worst hop and “fucking useless”. After a while, he tells me that he spoke to the QM, and that he refused to relink the silo. I ask him why and he runs off. HE THEN MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM HIS DESK TALKING ABOUT HOW USELESS I AM. Eventually the captain relinks the silo to science. Throughout the round I did not see him do anything involving actual RnD work, he just patrolled the hallways like he was a security officer.

Additional Information: Mason has continued to display LRP and rudeness. He has a report on him right now for behavior like this. I haven’t actually felt like I’m roleplaying whenever I’m interacting with him. It always ranges from OOC anger seeping into his IC actions, or just no attempt at roleplaying.


I was also in this round as Arnold Prime (Shaft miner, not involved in any of the actual ore silo things, i was aware IC that QM had a beef with science), the entire ore silo being disconnected from science was because Taylor had asked the RD something, RD ignored it, Taylor asks a few more times, and the last time isn’t very polite IC, and is met with a resounding “Shut it” from RD. Instead of just trying to talk to the QM or doing any bounties he just kept asking about materials over and over. QM directly asks him (right before cargo exploded due to a ducksplosion) to come to cargo to sort it all out, he opts out.

after cargo exploded he blamed cargo for blowing itself up. (spot on too)


From my perspective I was told the issue was something to do with some other scientist not me. You then informed me that I was to take ownership of your department(you were the HoP) and convince the QM to turn the silo on to my department, that wasn’t my job which is why IC you were called out as incompetent. And for the record when I told my department to stop foolishness and behave they did so while yours continued to ignore you and keep the silo turned off.

Also I would like to add the role of a head of staff should be to de-escalate staff conflicts and I was looking to you for help as a fellow head of staff which you didn’t want to do so I was on my own in the mess.

Well knowing the context (you being an ass being the reason science was disconnected from the silo), you made a mess, and then came whining to me to fix said mess. I’m sure this entire situation could have been avoided if you decided to role play. Me making you talk to the QM wasn’t me putting my work onto you, it was an attempt to make you role play. Something you refused and have refused to do over and over.
I don’t know why you picked to play RD when you just wandered the hallways in your trench coat like a security officer (Well I do know why).
I don’t know why whenever you’re not a security officer or some role with power you just sit at the bar and say nothing for the entire round.
I don’t know why you didn’t bring up the constant verbal harassment I got from you whenever I criticized you for not doing your job.
I don’t know why you play this role playing game if all you do is game.
I do know that it’s fucking aggravating, not just to me, but to everyone.

Please don’t do this. It’s not your job to decide to enforce rules OOC and then use your head of staff position to punish other players when they don’t play like you want them too. I didn’t understand IC that you were trying to do this and was continuing to role play as if it was your responsibility to manage your department.

I wasn’t enforcing any rules, I was trying to role play with you.

Also, hypocritical of you to claim that I’m not letting people play how they want to when you literally have a report open because you ruined somebodies potentially run gimmick because you used OOC knowledge.

Ok after last round (47008) I learned that you were pretty abusive and may even be meta-friending with a few other players rather than having serious interest in helping me become a better bee station player. So I’m going to be ignoring all future player complaints until a admin asks me questions about your issues. I wish we could’ve worked together but you seem to be negative and hostile at the present and beyond my ability to please to make that possible.
Good luck and happy gaming.

you literally told people to “die in maints” lel

(you know what? I will go in for one more because I really think I can get through to you with this point.)
I really think you want me to care about how you feel and I do too, it would be nice if I could be part of your enjoyment of the round as well share mine. But I think you’re going about it in the wrong ways with negativity and that really makes it hard on me to care about how you feel or even trust you. How do you know I care? I mean I’m writing this out to you.

After seeing the way you reacted to stuff in the last round (47008)., I have decided to completely disregard any potential opinion you might have. Like, your behavior that round really just showed me how angry you get at very tiny things. And with that anger you make other people very uncomfortable and very upset. I don’t know why you’re talking about me being the negative one when you spent an entire round threatening to kill somebody because he allegedly stole your skateboard. I don’t think I should value the opinion of the guy who thinks continually stalking, threatening to assault, actually assaulting, and harassing one guy over a supposed stolen skateboard is acceptable behavior.

Also, I know you care because of how angry you get, and how you channel that into your IC actions, like telling people to die, or making announcements calling people worthless, or throwing floor tiles at people, or stalking them, or assaulting them, or throwing temper tantrums.

Get a grip on yourself:

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I take it you dispute the findings here are my evidences:
1.“Me making you talk to the QM wasn’t me putting my work onto you, it was an attempt to make you role play.” is a statement from Evelad, they didn’t want to help resolve the situation they used it as a opportunity to be antagonistic.
2. They’re attitude OOC due to IC events from RP(that they preach) is worth complaint according to them "Over command comms he calls me the worst hop and “fucking useless”. " “HE THEN MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM HIS DESK TALKING ABOUT HOW USELESS I AM.”, “you literally told people to “die in maints” lel”
3. The description of them self “The cat equivalent of a bitch”.
4. Their over all behavior in this complaint and the second one has been so childish as to be unable to communicate with them in a adult conversation about how we can get along in game.

Citing 2, I can conclude that they do want to be treated with respect while citing 1,3, & 4 as sabotaging them self to gather the respect they want. Citing 4, they could make a choice to make a friend or try to earn a enemy they’ve chosen to try and make a enemy. Citing 3, they are aware that there are social normalcies for mutual cooperative behavior and that they desire to ignore them which conflicts with citing 2.

From the situations cited I stand by my initial statement and if I am incorrect then EveLad should choose a different way to behave that’s compatible with their social goals.

I am fairly certain that the interactions here in this thread ain’t appropriate for player reports. As far as I know, both of you should take this elsewhere, and wait for an actual admin to respond.

Locking this for now as it seems no one can behave. An admin will deal with this eventually.


This seems to be an IC conflict, RD did set up nanites and other such things at round-start before mats where cut off, and did speak to the QM on multiple occasions.

Report Rejected