Anyone have list of the old Beestation Lobby/Roundend music?

I’ve actually found a playlist of the lobby music, but not the roundend. Anyway, thanks.

the old roundend was the same as the lobby music, no? I certainly remember bleeding out slowly at CC to Starman

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If my memory serves correctly, I remember Gorillaz Fireflies, and MIKA - Relax, Take It Easy, being 2 of them. But I might be wrong on this.

Here I made a list of the songs that I caught when they were still around not sure if this is all of them but they are the ones I heard.
Here is the playlist.


Plastic beach from gorillaz, le’ts go from stuck in the sound were on the list too

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I could’ve sworn that roundend music was different from the lobby music. Maybe I’m just delusional. Welp, thanks guys.

Wasnt plastic beach in the round start, but not the end?

Fireflies, Starman and Let’s go are round end

Plastic beach; Turn to stone and Relax, take it easy are start of round

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