Antops12 Player Report

CKEY: WilsonPH

Your Discord: R2D2 from Star Trek

Offender’s CKEY: Antops12

Offender’s In-Game Name: Beta

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-09-2023

Round Number: 42177

Rules Broken: Rule 1 You Must Roleplay, Rule 2 No Powergaming

Incident Description: I got antag atmos tech, made some Nitryl for speedy shenanigans, located another traitor (Actias) Through codewrods and we considered to do stuff together. We went loud and raided the armory but didn’t steal many guns from it. We then went to the bridge, busted cap’s locker and looted it. Actias told his sentient spiders to make a nest in the bridge. By the time a crowd had gathered in front of the bridge and we were having a conversation. CE came from the transfer tube to the AI upload (It was Kilo), I spotted him and said ‘You’ then started walking closer to have a chat, with a fireaxe in hand for intimidation purposes. He ducked back into maints and when I opened the door he shot a tank of welding fuel at me. Later I heard him asking how close he was to killing me. I tried reason with the CMO buy saying that I had Runtime hostage and that I would exchange the cat for CE’s ID card, but heard nothing of it from the CMO. Later on I saw the CE on the escape shuttle with a teleprod in hand, which he used to send off several spiders and Actias off the shuttle.

Additional Information: His speech was rather LRP too, mentioning other ‘maps’ and ‘z-levels’. Plus, two rounds before, in round 42175 I saw him use a similar ‘trap’ but in Engineering. And round after, 42176, he yelled out ‘XENOS’ after hearing the ‘unidentified lifesigns detected’ announcement and went on to set the monkey pen in Virology on fire.

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Not much to add, CE didn’t say much but they did use a teleprod to teleport me off the escape shuttle. We tried to talk and the only people we attacked were the CE (after they bombed us) and a medic in maintenance, they went full lethal against us.

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I was one of the spiders on the shuttle at the end, and i’d like to add that the CE, Beta, used the teleprod on Actias on sight, there was no provocation as he had attacked first, wordlessly, clearly with the intent to take him off the shuttle, i even believe he specifically waited for Actias to start typing to me as we were chatting during that, and he ran in once Actias was responding to me
After that i chased him, where he hid behind a closed door ready to teleprod anyone else who walked in, which was from what i saw, myself and my other spider

I also distinctly remember them in round 42176 yelling “Xenos” upon the announcements like you said, they were even telling other staff to kill every monkey on sight, scour maint and wear masks before ever even seeing a xeno

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Accounts confirmed by logs.

Report accepted.